Academic Calendar

INTA – Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts

INTA 210
The Arts in Culture
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

This course emphasizes the foundations of academic study in the arts, studio and experiential learning, and situates the arts within a cultural historical context. Students examine Western influences on the development of Canadian arts and culture as well as the influence of the art school in establishing present day Canadian arts infrastructure, arts funding and the organizational models and frameworks within which artists and arts managers work today.

INTA 310
The Arts in Urban Regeneration
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Artists are developing collaborative and participatory practices to engage disenfranchised or disadvantaged people to form safe communities, promote social inclusion and foster community renewal through art and culture. Students examine the social, cultural, artistic, philosophical and ethical context of art and community development practice. Students discuss the principles of cultural community development and examine the complexities of cultural community development projects.

Prerequisites: INTA 210.

INTA 360
The Arts and Pedagogy
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

The teaching artist is a two-career professional: working artist and working educator. The teaching artist is a link between a student's ability to think creatively and their artistic practice. In the arts, educational service is a constellation of programming that includes informal instruction, community-based teaching and support, and accredited school-based teaching for students of all ages. In this course, artists discuss learning and learners, plan and conduct individual and group lessons, consider student assessment, and evaluate the role of the teaching artist. Important legal obligations and ethical issues are threaded through the course content.

Prerequisites: 21 credits in a communications or arts discipline.