Academic Calendar

President's Message

Pages filled with policies, procedures and programs generally aren't first-choice reading material, but for me this academic calendar represents endless possibilities. The courses, certificates, diplomas and degrees laid out here intersect to form roadmaps to the future for so many people. That is inspirational.

While this calendar organizes academic experiences by degree, diploma or certificate, you should know that the learning that you will take away from your time at MacEwan extends far beyond the individual courses needed to fulfill your program requirements.

As you flip through these pages—and as you make your way through your program—I hope you will make sure to read between the lines. To look for opportunities where you may not expect to find them. To pay attention to the interactions with your professors and peers, the connections you make to people studying in different fields and the experiences you have outside the classroom.

It’s often these intangible experiences that are the most transformative. That’s why we are working hard to create more opportunities for you to connect with people across different disciplines and who have different perspectives. We strongly believe that you should leave this university with all the benefits that come from having negotiated an education made up of many moving parts.

And we know that isn’t always going to be easy. So please remember that we’re here to support you along the way. Know that our faculty members are committed to teaching and supporting your success, and that our program advisors, counsellors—all of our staff—are dedicated to helping you navigate your educational journey.

We really do want to see you succeed, and we can’t wait to see where the roadmap you choose takes you.