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OOSC – Out of School Care

OOSC 200
School Age Care and Development
3 Credits

Students examine the role of the child care professional and the goals and philosophy of school age care programs for children ages 6 to 12. Students learn about the school age child, their developmental characteristics, interests and capabilities. Students apply this knowledge to developing play experiences for the school-age child in a group care setting. Students discover and explore recreational and educational resources in the community. An overview of current legislation, standards and professional qualifications that support quality school age programs is included.

Prerequisites: ECDV 155, ECDV 160, ECDV 165, ECDV 170, ECDV 175, ECDV 210, ECDV 201 (Non-program students must provide evidence of knowledge/coursework in prog planning, child devel, human relations, and work with school age children in a group setting).