Academic Calendar

PERL – Physical Education & Recreation & Leisure Sports

PERL 104
Introduction to Sociocultural Aspects of Leisure and Sport
3 Credits

The study of play, physical education, recreation, sport and leisure as institutionalized ways in which society organizes and teaches attitude and skills. Provides an introduction to the importance of sociocultural inquiry and the notion of being critical as an empowering process. Restricted to Physical Education students.

PERL 105
Introduction to the Management of Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Programs
3 Credits

This course provides students with the basic skills required to successfully administer a sport and/or recreation program. Restricted to physical education students. Note: Credit can only be obtained in one of PERL 105 or PEDS 105.

PERL 204
Canadian History of Leisure, Sport and Health
3 Credits

An examination of the significant changes that have occurred in leisure and sport, specifically over the last century and with particular reference to Canadian society.

Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in PERL 104 or consent of the department.

PERL 207
Adapted Physical Activity and Leisure for Diverse Populations
3 Credits

Students are introduced to the theory and practice of physical education and recreation for people with disabling conditions or special needs. Students study selected disabilities and the implications of these disabilities for participation in sport, physical activity and leisure. Students are required to commit to a minimum of ten hours of service to a local program for persons with disabilities.

Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in PEDS 100.

PERL 300
Cross-Cultural Wellness
3 Credits

This course examines concepts of wellness from a variety of cultural perspectives. An analysis of personal wellness priorities is followed by examination of the concepts and priorities of wellness found locally in diverse cultures. Throughout the course, students work on a community service learning project, observing wellness priorities and interacting with the local community. The course may include a cross cultural experience in a developing country.

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C- in HEED 110 or PERL 104 or consent of the department.