Academic Calendar

OALS – Office Assistant

OALS 110
Legal Office Procedures I
3 Credits

This course introduces students to basic theory and procedures needed for working in a legal office. Topics include the role of the legal assistant, telephone techniques, filing techniques and systems, preparation of statements of account, preparation of legal documents and correspondence. In addition, students learn about the importance of confidentiality.

OALS 111
Word Processing
3 Credits

Students attain an intermediate level of proficiency with current word processing software to produce and edit accurate business and legal documents. In addition, students create electronic folders and work with the computer operating system.

OALS 112
Customer Communications and Service
3 Credits

In preparation for success in the changing business world, this course focuses on customer service, basic business correspondence, preparation for meetings and roles and responsibilities in meetings. In addition, students actively engage in job search techniques including the preparation of resumes, covering letters and a personal business portfolio.

OALS 115
Corporate Procedures in the Law Office
3 Credits

This course is an introduction to the fundamental elements of the law governing corporate procedures. Students learn the procedural law associated with sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. As well, students learn the processes to register and maintain the registration of corporations.

OALS 116
Legal Office Documents I
3 Credits

Become familiar with common legal documents, their standards and formats, and protocols and procedures to help support a legal office. This course will help you identify and distinguish the different documents common in the legal system, how to complete them, and when they are used.

OALS 120
Legal Office Procedures II
3 Credits

This course reviews basic theory and procedures for working with court documents. Students explore the fundamentals of family law and litigation and prepare documents and correspondence related to family law and litigation.

Prerequisites: OALS 110.

OALS 121
Integrated Office Applications
3 Credits

Students work at an introductory level in database and presentation software and to an intermediate level in spreadsheet software.

Prerequisites: OALS 111.

OALS 123
Legal Research and Technology
3 Credits

This course examines the fundamentals of legal research, involving primary on-line research resources. Case law, legislation and secondary resources are included. Students work at an advanced level in word processing software.

Prerequisites: OALS 111.

OALS 126
Legal Documents II
3 Credits

Legal documents are sensitive and often involve protocol and specific handling and submission procedures. This course will build on the knowledge of Legal Documents I and expand the list of documents used in most legal offices.

Prerequisites: OALS 116.

OALS 131
Legal Transcription and Field Placement
3 Credits

Students transcribe legal correspondence and documents from digital dictation. Students are introduced to legal customized software. Students complete a ten-day Field Placement.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all Term I and Term II courses.

OALS 132
Conveyancing Procedures in the Law Office
3 Credits

In this course, students learn basic theory and practical procedures of the law governing conveyancing. Students apply the theory and practice to complete both a sale and a purchase of a residential property.