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INTB – International Business

INTB 255
Doing Business Internationally - Study Tour
3 Credits

Students examine doing business abroad from a cultural context. While abroad, students attend business lectures at universities, tour local companies, meet with business leaders and students, and generally envelop themselves within the culture of the host countries. Students develop intercultural competencies through these experiences, and by attending a mandatory pre-departure orientation at MacEwan University before traveling abroad.

Prerequisites: 24 MacEwan University or Transfer Credits.

INTB 300
Introduction to International Business
3 Credits

Students are provided an overview of theory, concepts and issues, related to the field of international business based on the premise that decision making in every company is influenced by a variety of global factors. Topics to be surveyed in this course include: globalization and the globalization debate, political and legal systems around the world, economic systems around the world and emerging markets, components of culture and cross cultural business, ethics in international business, theories of international trade and investment, theories of regionalization, foreign direct investment, international financial markets and foreign exchange, and international strategy, marketing and human resource management.

Prerequisites: ECON 102 and BUSN 201.

INTB 310
Global Business and Sustainability
3 Credits

Students examine the increasingly important issue of sustainability of business in different contexts, varying with respect to geography, industry, and organization type and size. Students discuss complex and controversial issues from both a broad macro national/international viewpoint, as well as from the perspective of the management of an individual firm and its stakeholders. Students analyze business decision making with consideration of ecological, social, and ethical factors that matter in different contexts.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201.

INTB 311
Diversity and Intercultural Communication
3 Credits

Students study the theoretical and conceptual applications of diversity and cross-cultural communications from an interdisciplinary perspective. The dynamics of diversity in the workplace, cross-cultural communications and the different models used to look at these issues are analyzed. Students assess and analyze situations, case studies, and research and develop tools to lead, navigate and work in diverse and cross-cultural business settings both locally and internationally.

Prerequisites: ORGA 201.

INTB 312
Conducting Business in Asia
3 Credits

Students study the profiles of the Asia Pacific countries (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and SE Asian countries) and their political, economic and cultural relations with Canada. The business dynamics and trends of Asia Pacific are discussed in detail. Through case studies and group projects, students analyze business practice and acquire the skills to conduct business in Asia.

Prerequisites: INTB 300 or consent of the program.

INTB 313
Business in Regional World Markets
3 Credits

This course takes a "geographic economy" approach to the study of international business theory and practice. Participants analyze blocks of countries that are clustered along diverse dimensions such as geography, economy, politics, and culture. While comparing and contrasting trends across regions, students mobilize the theories learnt previously, learn new ones, and develop critical thinking skills.

Prerequisites: INTB 300 or consent of the program.

INTB 412
Managing in an International Environment
3 Credits

In this course, students integrate and apply a range of multifunctional business concepts from marketing, finance, and general management fields to evaluate strategic decisions undertaken by organizations operating in international settings. Students analyze the current situation of international firms and develop potential strategic alternatives for the organization. A combination of theory and case analysis provides students with the theoretical and applied understanding of how global businesses develop and attain their objectives.

Prerequisites: INTB 300.

INTB 413
International Entrepreneurship
3 Credits

This course addresses issues specific to international venturing and including search and identification of opportunities in foreign markets, logistics of international business expansion, cross-cultural business communication, international sourcing, international deal making and networking.

Prerequisites: Third year standing as well as BUSN 201.

INTB 414
International Trade Simulation
3 Credits

Students participate in an online interactive simulation course of international trade. Students in Mainland China, Taiwan, Canada and USA simultaneously participate in the simulated trade transactions with one another.. Using a web-based software platform students play the role of simulated trading companies in their respective areas who are seeking to trade goods between Greater China (China including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) region and Canada. For the purposes of this course, Canadian companies will be trading only with China and Taiwan, not with US.

Prerequisites: INTB 300 and ACCT 311.

INTB 497
Special Topics in International Business
3 Credits

This course involves reading, discussing and critically evaluating current research on specialized topics of interest to senior students in the Bachelor of Commerce. Topics covered vary with the interests of students and faculty and may include an applied field research component in business, government or community. Students should consult with faculty members in the Department of International Business, Marketing, and Strategy for details regarding current offerings. This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Minimum of C- in one 300 level INTB course and consent of the department chair or designate.

INTB 498
Independent Studies in International Business
3 Credits

In consultation with, and supervised by, a member of the department or an approved professional in the community, a senior student undertakes advanced scholarly work related to the field of international business. The faculty member guides the student in designing and undertaking this work, using appropriate assumptions and methods, to arrive at warranted conclusions and outcomes that will advance international business knowledge or practice or create meaningful results. Note: This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Consent of the course instructor and the department chair.

INTB 499
Honours Thesis - International Business
3 Credits

Under the direction of a faculty member, students conduct a research project on an approved topic related to their major culminating in an honours thesis. Students then present and defend their thesis in a public forum. Restricted to Bachelor of Commerce Honours students.

Prerequisites: BUSN 496.