Academic Calendar

OAAS – Office Assistant

OAAS 110
Administrative Office Procedures I
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students focus on professional administrative skills needed for success in the business world. Topics include the role of the administrative assistant, business procedures, current workplace issues, time-management strategies and stress management.

OAAS 111
Office Technology I
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students attain an intermediate level of proficiency with current word processing software to produce and edit accurate business documents. In addition, students create electronic folders and work with the computer operating system.

OAAS 120
Administrative Office Procedures II
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students focus on the preparation of business documents and the coordination of business activities. Topics include company research, research interviews, travel arrangements, conferences, meetings and other topics relative to a changing office. Students research, prepare, and present a report on a company in preparation for field placement.

Prerequisites: OAAS 110.

OAAS 121
Office Technology II
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students attain an intermediate level of proficiency in spreadsheet and database applications.

Prerequisites: OAAS 111.

OAAS 127
Presentations and Web Pages
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students develop effective presentations and create and maintain basic Web pages using available software.

OAAS 130
Administrative Office Procedures III and Field Placement
3 Credits          Total (40-0-20)

Students are introduced to the functions of selecting, hiring, training, and supervising office personnel. Students complete an office simulation team project. Students complete a 10-day field placement.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all Term I and Term II courses.

OAAS 131
Office Technology III
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students work at an advanced level in word processing and at intermediate level to advanced level with spreadsheets, database and other software applications.

Prerequisites: OAAS 121.