Academic Calendar

ESPL – ESL Listening and Speaking

ESPL 081
Intermediate Listening and Speaking I
5 Credits          Weekly (7-0-0)

Intermediate Listening and Speaking I develops a level of oral fluency in English that allows students to be successful if they choose to pursue further academic studies. New vocabulary and sentence structures are practiced to encourage incorporation into the students' daily language use. New and interesting topics are introduced which provide a medium for learning to make requests, to give and understand directions and instructions, to ask for clarification and to talk about what they have learned.

Prerequisites: EAL Placement Test (Speaking/Listening 81).

ESPL 082
Intermediate Listening and Speaking II
5 Credits          Weekly (7-0-0)

Intermediate Listening and Speaking II places emphasis on greater clarity of oral expression, the ability to comprehend oral instructions and messages, and the ability to paraphrase. Expansion of vocabulary and continuing development of accuracy in speaking tasks is essential at this level.

Prerequisites: EAL Placement Test (Speaking/Listening 82) or Minimum B- in ESPL 081.

ESPL 083
Advanced Listening and Speaking I
5 Credits          Weekly (7-0-0)

In Advanced Listening and Speaking I, students develop a variety of oral skills required to complete post-secondary coursework successfully. Students participate in discussions based on reading or listening assignments and give short oral presentations. Grammatical accuracy in speaking is emphasized. Pronunciation/intelligibility strategies are addressed as required.

Prerequisites: EAL Placement Test (Speaking/Listening 83) or minimum B- in ESPL 082 and minimum B- in ERDW 081.

ESPL 084
Advanced Listening and Speaking II
5 Credits          Weekly (7-0-0)

In Advanced Speaking and Listening II, students develop their listening skills to be able to comprehend complex academic material such as university level lectures. Students are expected to participate in group discussions on highly complex topics, prepare and deliver well-researched oral presentations supported by PowerPoint presentations or other visual support. Grammatical accuracy and breadth of vocabulary are emphasized.

Prerequisites: EAL Placement Test (Speaking/Listening 84) or Minimum B- in ESPL 083 and minimum B- in ERDW 082.

ESPL 085
Listening and Speaking for Academic Purposes
5 Credits          Weekly (7-0-0)

Listening and Speaking for Academic Purposes is intended for students who require academic level oral comprehension and fluency for post-secondary studies or high school upgrading. The course includes discussion and analysis of lecture and other high level listening material. A high degree of oral fluency with clear expression of complex ideas is expected in the course. Formal presentation skills are also developed.

Prerequisites: EAL Placement Test (Speaking/Listening 85) or Minimum B- in ESPL 084 and minimum B- in ERDW 083.