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PHSC – Physical Sciences

PHSC 200
Physical Science Field Skills
3 Credits

This course is an introduction to field work in the areas of physics, chemistry and Earth and planetary science, which together constitute the Physical Sciences. It involves classroom field preparation in Edmonton, work in the field on the Big Island in the Hawaiian Island chain, and sample analysis and working up the data back in Edmonton. The course concludes with the submission of a final written report. The skills that the participants acquire in this course include mapping of geological features, reproducible sampling procedures, field note taking, strike and dip measurements, the use of star charts and sextants to locate constellations and stars, measurements and observations with a telescope and the analysis of water and air samples.

Prerequisites: Consent of the Department.

PHSC 300
Alberta Oil and Gas Industry
3 Credits

This course provides an in-depth examination of the oil and gas industry in Alberta and how it is rapidly changing. The course will use an interdisciplinary approach that covers resource exploration, extraction, refining, geology, careers, environmental challenges, and business dimensions of unconventional and conventional oil and gas resources.

Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in EASC 238, PHYS 261 and in one of CHEM 261 or CHEM 270.