Academic Calendar

PROW – Professional Writing

PROW 210
Advanced Business Writing
3 Credits

In this course, students examine the consequences of their language choices within a business context. They are encouraged to examine and analyze the social, political, and legal ramifications of their language use in a variety of business documents. They use dictionaries and style guides, sentence structures, mechanics, and stylistics as tools to facilitate communications outcomes for an organization. Ultimately, business students leave the course with increased explanatory power and advanced written communication skills. Note: Credit can only be obtained in one of PROW 210 Advanced Business Writing or PROW 100 Foundations of Composition.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201.

PROW 211
Writing Fundamentals
3 Credits

Writing and editing skills are primary tools for the public relations practitioner. This course explores the essence of language; grammar, phrasing and style. Students learn to organize their writing effectively and to use persuasive language to achieve the purpose for their written works in a public relations setting.

Prerequisites: Admission to the Public Relations diploma program.