Academic Calendar

FOUN – Foundation

FOUN 100
pimâcihisowin 100
3 Credits

This course is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore and apply Indigenous knowledge in the development of student identity, both within western academia and personally. Through the guidance of Elders/Indigenous Knowledge Holders students will be introduced to the philosophical foundations of Indigenous worldviews and healing practices. Students will participate in a variety of experiential learning activities including community teachings, in-class collaborative projects, visits with guest speakers, and learning from and through the land. Students will be invited to explore, assess and reflect upon their own stories to learn and unlearn. The course will provide a foundation for the ongoing development of healthy coping mechanisms, communication and advocacy within western academia. This course provides students practical strategies and skills required to be successful in university.

Prerequisites: Be enrolled in the pimâcihisowin program.

FOUN 101
Foundations 101
3 Credits

The foundational course series provides academic awareness and competence in three specific areas: strategy skills and knowledge, intercultural identity and awareness, and technological tools and communication. All three areas will support the development of academic autonomy and an understanding of post-secondary education in Canada. Foundations 101 will provide supports to students new to the post-secondary environment.