Academic Calendar

OADM – Office Assistant

OADM 101
Formatting and Presentations
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

This course is a general introduction to keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software. Students demonstrate competency in preparing business correspondence and using email.

OADM 103
Word Processing for Legal Assistants
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students attain an intermediate level of proficiency with current word processing software to produce and edit accurate business and legal documents. In addition, students create electronic folders and work with the computer operating system. Students are also expected to attain a minimum speed of 40 words per minute on a five-minute timing using a five-error cutoff.

OADM 112
Customer Communications and Service I
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students focus on the oral and written communication skills applicable in today's business environment with an emphasis on cross-cultural communication. Students compose and edit routine business correspondence. In addition, students prepare and present an informal report.

OADM 113
Document Formatting I
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students develop intermediate skills in the production of business documents. Within specified timelines, students will apply formatting and proofreading skills to business documents, and transcribe correspondence from a digital recording. In addition, students are expected to attain a minimum speed of 40 words per minute on a five-minute timing using a five-error cut-off.

OADM 122
Customer Communications and Service II
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students actively engage in job search techniques including the preparation of resumes, covering letters and a personal business portfolio. Students continue to develop their oral and business writing skills within a customer service environment.

Prerequisites: OADM 112.

OADM 123
Document Formatting II
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students develop advanced skills in the production of business documents from rough draft, edited copy, and verbal instructions. Students are expected to attain a minimum speed of 45 words per minute on a five-minute timing using a five-error cut off.

Prerequisites: OADM 113 and OAAS 111.

OADM 124
Office Math Applications
1 Credit          Weekly (2-0-0)

Students apply basic mathematical concepts in business and personal applications. Topics covered in this course include compiling petty cash expenses, preparing a petty cash envelope, calculating expense claims, completing bank reconciliation statements, calculating early payment discounts and differences between gross pay and net pay.