Academic Calendar

OAMS – Office Assistant

OAMS 110
Medical Office Procedures I
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students explore the changing role of the Medical Office Assistant with an emphasis on communication, telephone techniques, and medical office procedures. Students discuss ethical and professional standards as well as relevant Acts and Legislations. In addition, students study the concept of cultural diversity and practices within a medical environment.

OAMS 111
Office Technology and Skill Development I
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students create and manage electronic files and work with email and Windows. Student attain an intermediate level of competency in word processing and develop skills in formatting documents using current software. In addition, students achieve a minimum typing speed of 35 net words per minute on a five minute timing, using a five error cut off.

OAMS 112
Customer Communications and Service
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

In preparation for success in the changing business world, this course focuses on customer service, basic business correspondence, preparation for meetings and roles and responsibilities in meetings. In addition, students actively engage in job search techniques including the preparation of resumes, covering letters and a personal business portfolio.

OAMS 113
Medical Terminology I
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students analyze the language and terms used to refer to body systems and the related pathology and medical procedures. Emphasis is placed on spelling and understanding terminology through word building. Students apply knowledge of medical terminology to read and understand medical documentation.

OAMS 114
Pharmaceutical Terminology
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

This course is an introduction to basic pharmaceutical terminology. Students focus on the pharmaceutical terminology related to their administrative duties as medical office assistants and unit clerks.

OAMS 120
Medical Office Procedures II
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

This course focuses on appointment scheduling, medical billing using specialized software, and records management. The students build on the skills developed in Medical Office Procedures I, and practice advanced medical office procedures.

Prerequisites: OAMS 110, OAMS 113, OAMS 128.

OAMS 121
Office Technology and Skill II
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students work with spreadsheets, database and presentation software in the preparation of business documents and presentations. In addition, students achieve a minimum typing speed of 40 net words per minute on a five minute timing, using a five error cut off.

Prerequisites: OAMS 111.

OAMS 123
Medical Terminology II
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

This course provides students with further knowledge of medical terminology and the pathology and medical procedures related to each body system studied. Students apply knowledge of medical terminology to read and understand medical reports. Emphasis is placed on spelling and understanding terminology through word building.

Prerequisites: OAMS 113.

OAMS 126
Medical Transcription
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

Students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to accurately transcribe a variety of medical reports from audio. Students incorporate their knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, medical abbreviations, punctuation and grammar. Emphasis is placed on development of transcription speed and proofreading skills.

Prerequisites: OAMS 111, OAMS 113, OAMS 114, ENGL 111.

OAMS 127
Unit Clerk
2 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

This course prepares students to work as a Unit Clerk or Clerk within a hospital or a medical office setting. Students learn how to transcribe doctors' orders, to support the manager and other health care professionals in various administrative tasks, and to perform other required duties within a clinical nursing unit or within a medical office administrative setting.

Prerequisites: OAMS 113 and OAMS 114.

OAMS 128
Office Math Applications and Basic Bookkeeping
2 Credits          Weekly (2-0-0)

Students apply basic mathematical concepts in business and personal applications. Topics include compiling petty cash expenses, preparing a petty cash envelope, calculating expense claims, completing bank reconciliation statements, calculating early payment discounts and differences between gross pay and net pay. In addition, bookkeeping terminology and its application are covered.

OAMS 130
Medical Office Procedures III
3 Credits          Weekly (4-0-0)

This course focuses on the practical experience in preparation for work in a variety of medical office and hospital environments. Students learn health and safety regulations, infection control principles, first-aid techniques necessary to work in a clinical environment. Students continue to increase proficiency in medical and pharmaceutical terminology, requisitioning of medical tests or procedures, office technology, keyboarding and transcription skills. As well, students will demonstrate professional behaviour and attire. The students will gain hands on experience by practicing medical office assistant clinical skills and duties which include taking patients` vital signs, documentation of patient information or results, and performing some basic testing for patients within their scope of practice.

Prerequisites: ENG 111, OAMS 110, OAMS 111, OAMS 113, OAMS 114, OAMS 128, OAMS 112, OAMS 120, OAMS 121, OAMS 123, OAMS 126, OAMS 127.

OAMS 134
Medical Major-Field Placement
3 Credits          Total (0-0-120)

This course focuses on practical application of the skills required in the operation of medical environments (such as doctor's office, clinic, hospital, or government medical department) through a three week field placement. (Note: In order to participate in the Medical Major Field Placement, students must have completed all Term 1 and Term 2 courses as well as OAMS 130 Medical Office Procedures III, present a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. Students must meet all the requirements of the placement facility including obtaining any required documentation, Police Information Clearance (including a Vulnerable Sector Search) training, or immunizations.

Prerequisites: All term 1 and term 2 courses and OAMS 130.