Academic Calendar

MGTS – Management Science

MGTS 103
Probability and Statistics I
3 Credits          Weekly (3-1-0)

Students are introduced to probability; discrete and continuous random variables and probability distributions; expectation and variance; normal and binomial distribution; sampling; sampling distributions for means and proportions. Students are expected to have basic familiarity with computer applications including spreadsheets. Note: Credit can be obtained in only one of STAT 141, STAT 151, MGTS 103, MGTS 200 or MGTS 301.

MGTS 312
Probability and Statistics II
3 Credits          Weekly (3-1-0)

Students develop knowledge and skills related to multiple regression analysis, model building techniques and related methods within the context of a business environment. Although students are expected to have a basic familiarity with computer applications including spreadsheets, necessary computing skills will be taught as the course proceeds.

Prerequisites: MGTS 103 or STAT 151 or STAT 141 or equivalent.

MGTS 352
Operations Management
3 Credits          Weekly (3-1-0)

This is a problem-solving course where students explore the managerial and strategic considerations of operations management decisions by examining and applying techniques such as capacity management, inventory management and control methods, waiting line theory, forecasting, project management and control techniques, and other operations management topics. Spreadsheet modeling is used to implement some of these techniques.

Prerequisites: One of MGTS 103 or STAT 141 or STAT 151 or ACCT 215.

MGTS 497
Special Topics in Management Science
3 Credits          Weekly (0-0-3)

This course involves reading, discussing and critically evaluating current research on specialized topics of interest to senior students in the Bachelor of Commerce. Topics covered vary with the interests of students and faculty and may include an applied field research component in business, government or community. Students should consult with faculty members in the Department of Decision Sciences and Supply Chain Management for details regarding current offerings. This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Minimum of C- in one 300 level MGTS course and consent of the department chair or designate.

MGTS 498
Independent Studies in Management Science
3 Credits          Weekly (0-0-3)

In consultation with, and supervised by, a member of the department or an approved professional in the community, a senior student undertakes advanced scholarly work related to the field of management science. The faculty member guides the student in designing and undertaking this work, using appropriate assumptions and methods to arrive at warranted conclusions and out comes that will advance management science knowledge or practice or create meaningful results. Note: This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Consent of the course instructor and the department chair.