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SCMT – Supply Chain Management

SCMT 200
Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management
3 Credits

Students learn the importance of logistics and the supply chain processes in a global context. Students investigate in detail the various components and drivers of the supply chain and their logistical requirements which are essential to the competitive success of a company. Topics include: overview of global supply chain and its participants and activities, strategic fit in the supply chain, purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, global logistics, impact of supply chain information availability, supply chain integration, and supply chain risk management. Contemporary issues and trends in international supply chain management are integrated into the above-mentioned topics.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201 or ORGA 201.

SCMT 205
Introduction to e-Business
3 Credits

Students learn both the management and technical skills to design and implement an e-Business platform. Students focus on management issues surrounding web deployment and the alignment of the information technology to corporate strategy. Topics include: hardware and software infrastructure, data storage and retrieval, design and maintenance of the corporate web, marketing, branding, revenue models and risk management. Credit can be obtained in only one of ASCM 205 or SCMT 205.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201 and MARK 301.

SCMT 305
Transportation Management
3 Credits

Students learn transportation modes (road, rail, water, air, pipeline and multi-modal transportation), their place in the economy, and the regulatory environment in which they operate. Students also study advanced aspects of transportation operations from various perspectives: the carrier's, the shipper's, and the logistics service provider's. Topics include some elements of transportation economics, cost/service characteristics of the transportation modes, selection of carriers and routes, use of third party logistics (3PL), terminal services, freight consolidations, shipping schedules and information/ documentation flows. The focus is on the transportation contract and carrier-shipper relationships within global as well as domestic supply chain context. Credit can be obtained in only one of ASCM 305 or SCMT 305.

Prerequisites: ECON 102.

SCMT 307
Principles of Quality Management
3 Credits

Students develop theoretical understanding and skills that will allow them to use Quality Management principles as a way to maintain excellence in production and service organizations. Students will be exposed to a number of quality-related philosophies and frameworks, and will further examine how an effective focus on customers, people, processes, leadership, and product design can contribute to quality and ultimately to sustained success. The course will also examine the use of problem-solving tools and statistics to improve and maintain quality, and will maintain a Supply Chain focus throughout.

Prerequisites: MARK 301, MGTS 103 and ORGA 201.

SCMT 320
Production Planning and Scheduling
3 Credits

Students explore contemporary as well as traditional approaches to production planning and scheduling. Students evaluate production operations such as make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, and make-to-order systems. Students also examine various modules in scheduling, planning, and distribution using spreadsheet applications and discuss ways to improve existing production planning and scheduling system. Credit can be obtained in only one of ASCM 302 or SCMT 320.

Prerequisites: MGTS 352 and MSYS 200.

SCMT 322
Business Logistics Management
3 Credits

Students study logistics strategy and the analysis of logistics systems with a focus on distribution from production to consumer. Topics include alignment between business and logistics strategy, performance measurement, distribution network design and facility location, warehousing and materials handling systems, inventory policies and systems, transportation and delivery route planning, the use of third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and select topics related to environmental sustainability.

Prerequisites: MGTS 352.

SCMT 324
Purchasing and Supply Management
3 Credits

Students build on basic business knowledge to focus on key concepts of corporate purchasing and supply management. The course introduces the purchasing and supply management function within the context of an organization's operations, and proceeds to assess its role within the operations of the entire supply chain. The course discusses the strategic importance of purchasing and supply management in developing and fostering contractual relationships with suppliers in global supply network. Credit can be obtained in only one of ASCM 203 or SCMT 324.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201.

SCMT 403
Supply Chain Coordination and Risk Management
3 Credits

Students integrate the practice and theory of advanced topics in supply chain management. Students analyze comprehensive case studies and develop both general and specific approaches to attain supply chain integration under business settings defined by risks and dynamics at both local (national) and global levels. Students expand and apply knowledge in global supply chain management as they aim to gain insights into the essence of balancing coordination efforts and risk management. Topics include: alignment of supply chain strategy to corporate strategy, logistics network design, managing variation and risk along the supply chain, supply chain coordination, risk management, and disaster and humanitarian supply chain. Credit can be obtained in only one of ASCM 403 or SCMT 403.

Prerequisites: SCMT 320.

SCMT 407
Global Sourcing and Logistics
3 Credits

Students expand and apply their knowledge of global sourcing, transportation, and logistics in an international setting. The course covers strategic and operational logistics decisions surrounding global sourcing. Topics include planning of international sourcing, international transportation and logistics, international commercial (INCO) terms and payment mechanisms, and tariff treatments and import documentation. Credit can be obtained in only one of ASCM 407 or SCMT 407.

Prerequisites: SCMT 324 and SCMT 305.

SCMT 408
Business Negotiations and Supplier Management
3 Credits

Students utilize their knowledge and skills in business negotiations and supplier management to plan and execute negotiations in order to facilitate the development of strategic alliances and partnerships within the supply chain. Topics include business negotiation, strategic sourcing and alliances, process development and maintenance, supplier management and assessment, and competitive bidding. Credit can be obtained in only one of ASCM 408 or SCMT 408.

Prerequisites: SCMT 324, LEGL 210, and ORGA 201.

SCMT 425
Supply Chain Process Management
3 Credits

Students develop the knowledge and tools for design, improvement, and integration of supply chain processes within an organization and among business partners. Through use of a supply chain operation reference (SCOR) model, supply chain mapping, and simulation tools, students are able to analyze and integrate collaborative supply chain processes based on best practices. Topics include supply chain improvement projects, business process re-engineering and integration, lean operations and process flow management, six-sigma quality programs, flow variability and process capability, supply chain performance measurements, and bench marking supply chain processes against world class companies.

Prerequisites: SCMT 320, SCMT 324, SCMT 322, SCMT 307.

SCMT 497
Special Topics in Supply Chain Management
3 Credits

This course involves reading, discussing and critically evaluating current research on specialized topics of interest to senior students in the Bachelor of Commerce. Topics covered vary with the interests of students and faculty and may include an applied field research component in business, government or community. Students should consult with faculty members in the Department of Decision Sciences and Supply Chain Management for details regarding current offerings. This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Minimum of C- in one 300 level SCMT course and consent of the department chair or designate.

SCMT 498
Independent Studies in Supply Chain Management
3 Credits

In consultation with, and supervised by, a member of the department or an approved professional in the community, a senior student undertakes advanced scholarly work related to the field of supply chain management. The faculty member guides the student in designing and undertaking this work, using appropriate assumptions and methods to arrive at warranted conclusions and outcomes that will advance supply chain management knowledge or practice or create meaningful results. Note: This course may be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Consent of the course instructor and the department chair.