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URBW - Urban Wellness

URBW 389
Urban Crises and Wellness
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

In this introductory course on Urban Wellness, we will identify the different environmental, social, and economic crises that urban residents recurrently experience. The interconnectedness and simultaneity of these crises have forced us to reconsider municipal siloed problem-solving processes. Urban wellness offers a holistic perspective on how to deal with compound urban crises and improve the lives of urban dwellers. We will discuss current policies and governance interventions to manage these crises and their limitations, while reflecting on the phenomenon and concept of urban wellness, which offers promising answers to the challenges of compound urban crises and their management. We will pay particular attention to how urban wellness considers questions of inclusion and social justice. Seeking answers from a variety of fields, this course will feature interventions from diverse scholars and practitioners of urban wellness policies and governance.

Prerequisites: Third-year standing with minimum grades of C- in at least 6 credits in any combination of courses from Anthropology, Economics, and Political Science.

URBW 497
Topics in Urban Wellness
3 Credits          Weekly (0-0-3)

This multidisciplinary seminar course focuses on the analysis of selected issues related to Urban Wellness. It includes a detailed research component. Potential topics include interdisciplinary approaches towards a good city, urban wellness and the absence of threat, or the synergies and conflicts between climate policy and urban wellness. The instructor chooses the topic in any given semester. Note: This course may be taken up to two times provided the course topic is different.

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C- in URBW 389 or permission of the Department.