Academic Calendar

MARK – Marketing

MARK 301
Fundamentals of Marketing
3 Credits

Students are introduced to important concepts in marketing theory and their applications to real-life business activities. Students examine various marketing strategies and how they apply within the context of business environments. Students also examine consumer behaviour and the marketer's ethical and social responsibilities. Note: Credit can only be obtained in one of MARK 301 or MGMT 131.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201 and ECON 101.

MARK 310
Consumer Behaviour
3 Credits

Students apply theory of the consumer decision-making process and develop a marketing plan that is based upon consumer behaviour concepts. Students will explore the facets of consumer behaviour as they relate to corporate social responsibility. Topics include: the consumer decision-making process, individual determinants of consumer behaviour, environmental influences of consumer behaviour and the marketer's influence on consumers.

Prerequisites: MARK 301.

MARK 312
Marketing Research
3 Credits

Students examine marketing research concepts and methods in business. Students formulate and structure marketing problems, recommend the marketing research design that should be undertaken, gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative marketing data, and make effective decisions based on those data. Students will be able to design and conduct some important analyses themselves. The skills covered in this course are applicable to marketing problems encountered in both consumer and business-to-business markets, and public and private sectors. Students are expected to have basic familiarity with statistical packages.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201, MARK 301 and MGTS 103.

MARK 314
Marketing Metrics
3 Credits

Students examine the critical role of analysis in marketing decision-making and learn how to use and interpret marketing metrics in the development, implementation and evaluation of the marketing strategy. Students enhance their analytical capabilities through applying marketing metrics. The course emphasizes practical analysis, using numbers to make better marketing decisions.

Prerequisites: MARK 301 and FNCE 301.

MARK 324
Marketing and Leasing Investment Properties
3 Credits

Students acquire the knowledge on how to market and lease commercial/retail/industrial properties as well as multi family residential properties. Students examine the rental market in general as well as micro markets affecting subject properties. Upon identification of a target market for either an existing subject property that is to be repositioned or a proposed new development, a marketing plan will be created with the goal of completing a full lease-up. This activity will include determination of lease/rental rates, promotions, a detailed advertising strategy, property presentation, and leasing staff training and motivation.

Prerequisites: PMGT 301, MARK 301.

MARK 403
International Marketing
3 Credits

Students broaden their marketing knowledge by building upon knowledge and issues associated with the international context of the marketing of products and services. Topics include: Scope and Challenge of International Marketing; The Cultural Environment of Global Markets; Assessing International Marketing Opportunities; and Developing and Implementing International Marketing strategies. Students design and prepare an international marketing plan. The course also broadens students' understanding of responsibility of international marketers.

Prerequisites: MARK 301.

MARK 412
Service Marketing
3 Credits

Students examine the marketing of services in private, public, and non-profit organizations. Students apply service marketing theory to a variety of service-based organizations. Topics include customer relationship management, customer satisfaction, service quality, employees' and customers' role in service delivery, and the services marketing mix factors.

Prerequisites: MARK 301.

MARK 414
Digital Marketing
3 Credits

Students apply the principles of marketing communications to the digital marketplace. Through the study of the theory and best practices in digital marketing, students learn to design, assess and implement marketing strategies and solutions for businesses working in a global environment.

Prerequisites: MARK 301.

MARK 416
Business to Business Marketing
3 Credits

Students learn major concepts related to business-to-business (B2B) marketing and purchasing with a special focus on business relationships and networks. Students explore similarities and differences between marketing to consumers and marketing to businesses. The course focuses on contemporary trends in organizational marketing theory and practice and the implications of the electronic and global arena for organizational markets.

Prerequisites: MARK 301.

MARK 418
Sales Management
3 Credits

Students examine the role of sales in contemporary business organizations with a focus on the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of a strategic sales program. Specific topics include the process of personal selling, the strategic nature of sales management, selecting and recruiting a sales force, and designing a sales force organization. Additional topics include developing account management policies of salesperson performance, and ethical and legal issues in sales management. The course includes a mix of conceptual and applied approaches to provide a balanced view of sales management.

Prerequisites: MARK 301.

MARK 420
Product Management
3 Credits

Students examine the development and management of new products in contemporary organizations. Students learn to use market research data and marketing models for a new product development and management. Topics include opportunity identification and selection of a product, generation of a product concept, concept evaluation, development of new product market testing and launching of a product.

Prerequisites: MARK 301.

MARK 422
Sustainability and Responsible Marketing
3 Credits

Sustainability issues have become a major issue for businesses both in terms of the engagement with and communication of it. This course will examine how the marketing function engages in sustainability issues. Examples found in the non-profit, for-profit and public sectors will be explored. Guest speakers, class discussions and a real-world group project will help students build knowledge and develop capacity to be a positive social change agent through ethical reasoning in marketing management.

MARK 440
Strategic Marketing
3 Credits

Students learn how to integrate and manage market information in complex and dynamic environments. Taking advantage of the latest marketing research results, students address marketing challenges and develop marketing strategies for evolving conditions. Students work on specific marketing cases to integrate the marketing strategy with the overall organizational strategy.

Prerequisites: MARK 310, MARK 312 and MARK 314.

MARK 497
Special Topics in Marketing
3 Credits

This course involves reading, discussing and critically evaluating current research on specialized topics of interest to senior students in the Bachelor of Commerce. Topics covered vary with the interests of students and faculty and may include an applied field research component in business, government or community. Students should consult with faculty members in the Department of International Business, Marketing, and Strategy for details regarding current offerings. This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Minimum of C- in one 300 level MARK course and consent of the department chair or designate.

MARK 498
Independent Studies in Marketing
3 Credits

In consultation with, and supervised by, a member of the department or an approved professional in the community, a senior student undertakes advanced scholarly work related to the field of marketing. The faculty member guides the student in designing and undertaking this work, using appropriate assumptions and methods, to arrive at warranted conclusions and outcomes that will advance marketing knowledge or practice or create meaningful results. Note: This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Consent of the course instructor and the department chair.

MARK 499
Honours Thesis - Marketing
3 Credits

Under the direction of a faculty member, students conduct a research project on an approved topic related to their major culminating in an honours thesis. Students then present and defend their thesis in a public forum. Restricted to Bachelor of Commerce Honours students.

Prerequisites: BUSN 496.