Academic Calendar

CMSK – Computer Skills

CMSK 011
Computers Level I
5 Credits          Weekly (0-5-0)

Computers Level I is a beginner level computer applications course. The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills to use a word processing and a spreadsheet program. The emphasis is on skills that can be used in further studies such as preparing reports and essays and researching via the Internet. Students work with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) in a Windows environment. Topics covered include: basic computer literacy, keyboarding skills, word processing, spreadsheets, email and Internet.

CMSK 015
Computers Level II
5 Credits          Weekly (0-5-0)

This course is intended to continue to develop the computer skills that a student needs in order to do his/her course work. Word processing skills are practiced in order to create simple and complex documents. Students learn to annotate and cite references using the MLA and APA formats. Spreadsheets are used to organize data and draw graphs. Internet activities focus on locating and retrieving information in various forms. The course uses e-mail, Internet Explorer, Windows and Microsoft Office components: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access. The course includes 15 hours of lab time to complete projects.

Prerequisites: Minimum Grade of D in CMSK 011.