Academic Calendar

ORGA – Organizational Management

ORGA 201
Introduction to Management
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

This course focuses on the nature and structure of work organizations and how people function in these environments. Topics include decision making, planning, organizing, controlling, leadership, organizational design and structure, communication, teams, motivation, conflict, change and strategy. Restricted to Bachelor of Commerce, Asia Pacific Management, and Business Studies Minor students. Note: Credit can only be obtained in one of MGMT 121 or ORGA 201.

Prerequisites: ECON 102.

ORGA 233
Organizational Effectiveness and Change
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students explore the role of human resources management professionals in facilitating change and developing human capital. Students identify current theories, concepts and processes related to organizational effectiveness, organizational development and change management. Working with case studies, students analyze particular organizational settings and formulate appropriate change and effectiveness strategies. Note: Credit may be obtained in only one of ORGA 233 or ORGA 433.

Prerequisites: HRMT 160 and MGMT 122.

ORGA 310
Advanced Leadership Topics and Issues
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

This course will examine traditional and contemporary leadership theories and models. Contemporary issues and approaches in leadership will be explored and supported through theoretical and practical application of professional skills. Key leadership concepts are applied in a case format in which students will develop and implement a personal leadership plan.

Prerequisites: ORGA 201 and BUSN 201.

ORGA 314
Managing Negotiation
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students explore theoretical concepts that support practical training in the key competencies required for negotiating in day-to-day situations. Students demonstrate and apply negotiating skills and concepts in out-of-class situations. Topics include negotiating strategies, opening negotiating tactics, making concessions, closing negotiating tactics, managing conflict, and ethical considerations when negotiating.

Prerequisites: ORGA 201 or HRMT 200 and MGMT 122.

ORGA 316
Contemporary Organizational Behaviour and Theory
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students will explore contemporary organizational behaviour concepts and theories to develop an understanding of the interaction between individual determinants of behaviour and group dynamics. Students will look at how individuals are shaped and actively shape their organizational environment, and the affect of this dynamic for an organization’s success. Note: Credit can only be obtained in one of MGMT 122 or ORGA 316.

Prerequisites: ORGA 201 or MGMT 122.

ORGA 320
Sensemaking in Success
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Sensemaking is more than ever needed since our world is increasingly complex, making it challenging to us to understand it in a coherent way. The rapidly changing environment presents us with surprises to which we are often unprepared. Sensemaking is about making sense of the context in which we are operating; it is the process of structuring the unknown to comprehend, understand, predict and act. This course is structured around fundamental concepts concerning how we view organizations, and the application of these concepts to areas of action crucial to contemporary businesses. Organizations can be viewed as enacted systems, where humans are continually shaping the structures that influence their actions. In essence, we create the systems that then create us. In this course students examine the nature of sensemaking through guided experiential practice to improve management practice. Sensemaking is an invaluable and learned managerial skill-set related directly to several areas of business activity which enables us to become better leaders.

Prerequisites: ORGA 201 or MGMT 122.

ORGA 330
Managerial Skill Development
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students explore theoretical concepts that support practical training in the key competencies required for managerial success. Student demonstration and application of managerial skills and concepts in a team research project and online discussions are important components of this course.

Prerequisites: ORGA 201 OR (MGMT 121 and MGMT 122) or consent of the department chair.

ORGA 410
Business Consulting
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students focus on the consulting process, issue and problem diagnosis, consulting approaches and styles, client-consultant relationships, management of change, and professional codes of conduct and ethics. Consultancy is discussed in the context of both internal and external organizational roles and as a career choice. Students work in a team to integrate consulting concepts with knowledge and skills acquired in other Bachelor of Commerce courses and apply them to practical consulting projects.

Prerequisites: ORGA 316.

ORGA 412
Business Innovation and Intrapreneurship
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students analyze and discuss theories, principles, concepts and practices of entrepreneurship within organizations – intrapreneurship. Students research and analyze current trends, organizational challenges to innovation, creativity, and opportunities in developing intrapreneurship in organizations. Students also analyze the theories, nature, and dynamics of implementing change in organizational culture and the impact of an organization’s adoption of an intrapreneurship strategy.

Prerequisites: ORGA 201 and BUSN 201.

ORGA 422
Contemporary Issues in Management
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students analyze and explore current complex social, technological, or legal issues in management; they explore the potential responses firms and other institutions have to issues in management. Students integrate and apply concepts, philosophies, and methods learned throughout the program to understand, analyze and render appropriate strategic and ethical judgments concerning the general management of organizations in today’s global context.

Prerequisites: ORGA 316.

ORGA 433
Managing Change
3 Credits          Weekly (3-0-0)

Students study the conceptual frameworks of organizational development and change. The dynamics of change, implementation considerations, and understanding and managing resistance to change are analyzed. Students apply theory to case studies and develop tools to lead and navigate change situations.

Prerequisites: ORGA 316.

ORGA 497
Special Topics in Management
3 Credits          Weekly (0-0-3)

This course involves reading, discussing and critically evaluating current research on specialized topics of interest to senior students in the Bachelor of Commerce. Topics covered vary with the interests of students and faculty and may include an applied field research component in business, government or community. Students should consult with faculty members in the Department of Organizational Behaviour, HRM, Management and MIS for details regarding current offerings. This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Minimum of C- in one 300 level ORGA course and consent of the department chair or designate.

ORGA 498
Independent Studies in Management
3 Credits          Weekly (0-0-3)

In consultation with and supervised by a member of the department or an approved professional in the community, a senior student undertakes advanced scholarly work related to the field of management. The faculty member guides the student in designing and undertaking this work, using appropriate assumptions and methods to arrive at warranted conclusions and outcomes that will advance management knowledge or practice. Note: This course can be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisites: Consent of the course instructor and the department chair.

ORGA 499
Honours Thesis - Management
3 Credits          Total (0-0-45)

Under the direction of a faculty member, students conduct a research project on an approved topic related to their major culminating in an honours thesis. Students then present and defend their thesis in a public forum. Restricted to Bachelor of Commerce Honours students.

Prerequisites: BUSN 396, BUSN 397 and BUSN 496.