Academic Calendar

MGMT – Business Management

MGMT 231
Personal Selling
3 Credits

Students explore the philosophies and approaches to the personal selling process. The course emphasizes the benefits of developing a consultative approach to selling. Focusing on the customer and not on the transaction is the fundamental element in developing long-term business relationships, providing value and establishing differentiation in the marketplace.

MGMT 240
Business Research and Report Writing
3 Credits

This course introduces students to key concepts and practices used in business research and report writing. Topics include qualitative and quantitative research methods, research ethics, APA reference formatting and research report writing in business. Students examine and evaluate business research that informs business practice in a variety of areas, including marketing, human resources, organizational behaviour, general management and other areas of interest. Students work in groups to undertake a major field research project and produce a written report for a client organization.

Prerequisites: MGMT 121 or ORGA 201.

MGMT 261
Integrated Management Practice
3 Credits

In this capstone course, students integrate learning from previous courses such as management, accounting, finance, marketing, business research and human resources management. Focusing on the strategic application of management theory from these areas, students demonstrate the ability to translate learning into effective management practice both individually and as part of a team. The core learning activity in this course is a business strategy simulation.

Prerequisites: HRMT 200 and (MGMT 211 and MGMT 240) or (ACCT 218 and MGMT 131 and PGMT 125).

MGMT 312
3 Credits

A practice-based course where students explore entrepreneurial thinking and acting in order to maneuver in entrepreneurial environments which are unpredictable, uncertain and ambiguous. Students will gain the mindset to work in such an environment in the capacity and create new ventures. Students learn through experimentation and creation of a lean business plan through application of sound business principles. They capitalize on the knowledge they previously gained in various disciplines and from current practices they learn in this class including lean start up and design thinking. This course requires active engagement - students learn through lecture, case studies, experimentation, video and guest speakers.

Prerequisites: MGTS 113, or MATH 114, or MATH 120 and either: (ACCT 218, MGMT 121, MGMT 122, and MGMT 131) OR (ACCT 322, MARK 301, and ORGA 201).