Academic Calendar

BUSN – Business

BUSN 201
Introduction to Sustainable Business
3 Credits

This is an interdisciplinary cornerstone course, based on the premise that responsible leadership and effective management requires an understanding of business and its substantive disciplines, how a sustainable business is run and how emerging issues in business can be addressed from a sustainability perspective.

BUSN 210
Special Topics in Business
3 Credits

Students explore a designated topic in Business Studies, allowing them an opportunity to reflect and present findings on an activity or project in which they have undertaken within the School of Business. A contract between the student(s) and the instructor outlines the objectives, process and criteria for evaluation. Chair approval is required for registration. This course is only open to students in the School of Business who have completed at least 30 credits.

BUSN 312
Introduction to Non-Profit Management
3 Credits

Students study contemporary management and leadership in non-profit/voluntary sector organizations. Students discuss the local and global impact of non-profit/voluntary sector organizations on the quality of life and economy of communities. Internal and external influences on management and leadership are considered. Topics include the unique purpose of non-profit organizations, legal and ethical considerations, board governance, volunteer involvement, and fund development.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201.

BUSN 330
Project Management
3 Credits

Students learn the theory and practice of project management through the phases of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Students examine how the project management knowledge areas (scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, procurement, and integration) have an impact on projects. Students consider the complexities of international projects and analyze the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Member Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct. They apply their project management skills in a group project.

Prerequisites: BUSN 201 or ORGA 201.

BUSN 350
Critical Thinking in Management
3 Credits

This is an advanced, inter-disciplinary and practical course. Participants will be exposed to a variety of methods and proven techniques to help nurture their critical thinking abilities, analytical capabilities, and presentation skills. Through the reading, writing and presentation of relevant management materials, students internalize critical thinking principles and acquire generic competences that are transferable to a variety of settings including general management and business consulting.

Prerequisites: ACCT 322, FNCE 301, PROW 210, MARK 301 and ORGA 316; or consent of the department.

BUSN 396
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for Business
3 Credits

This course helps students make effective and efficient advanced use of business information. Students study the theory and application of quantitative research design and methods in business. In particular, this course emphasizes on how to perform multivariate statistical techniques for improved company decision making. Students are presented with data sets and learn to analyze and present their results using multiple regression, ANOVA, Factor and Cluster Analysis, Logistic Regression and Conjoint Analysis, among others. Students also discuss sampling issues, ethical issues and questionnaire construction. Restricted to Bachelor of Commerce students and required for Bachelor of Commerce Honours students.

Prerequisites: MGTS 312.

BUSN 397
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods for Management
3 Credits

Students learn science epistemology and its coherent application to qualitative research methods in Management. In terms of research practice, students are trained to conduct interviews, focus groups, and participant observations. Students analyze and interpret the data collected through the research methods of content analysis, business case study research, grounded theory, and ethnography, among others. Students learn sampling, reliability, consistence, and generalization applied to qualitative methods. Students learn about research ethics and the research process: how to apply to MacEwan’s Research Ethics Board, complete a Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS 2) Tutorial, and develop consent forms. Restricted to Bachelor of Commerce students and required for Bachelor of Commerce Honours students.

Prerequisites: ORGA 201.

BUSN 410
Social Responsibility and Sustainability Management
3 Credits

This course involves reading, discussing, and critically evaluating current research and contemporary societal issues in social responsibility and sustainability management. The course focuses on key principles of sustainability, with students using their unique perspectives to explore sustainability as a spectrum extending from weak sustainability to strong sustainability and deep ecology framework. Additional topics may include: a critical evaluation of business organizations vis-à-vis the environment and the society, theoretical frameworks regarding sustainability, ethics of the environment, business ethics, deep ecology, corporate social responsibility, and market and non-market instruments to promote sustainability. Conceptual frameworks are used to review and critique contemporary issues of local and global importance. Students examine the authenticity of sustainability claims and identify inherent trade-offs when facing dilemmas in decision making.

Prerequisites: Third Year Standing.

BUSN 450
Strategic Management
3 Credits

This is a capstone, inter-disciplinary course that is intended for students in their final year of the Bachelor of Commerce program. It reinforces, complements and integrates concepts learned in functional courses earlier on in the program. Participants learn how to craft, execute and evaluate business strategies by applying scientific methods and industry best practices to a variety of situations in diverse settings. Students also engage, both individually and within groups, in experiential learning activities that increase their awareness of the multidimensional and integrative nature of strategic management.

Prerequisites: ACCT 322, FNCE 301, MARK 301, ORGA 316 and MGTS 352; or consent of the department.

BUSN 496
Senior Honours Seminar
3 Credits

Students work with the course instructor and other students to develop and present a proposal for their Honours Thesis. Restricted to Bachelor of Commerce Honours students.

Prerequisites: BUSN 396, BUSN 397 and acceptance into the BCom Honours Program.