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Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications

Please note: This program is no longer accepting applications. See Bachelor of Fine Art, major in Studio Arts for more information on the degree program which has a two-year diploma exit option.

The two-year Studio Arts diploma program prepares students for degree completion (Bachelor of Fine Art or Bachelor of Arts) and for starting a professional art practice. Students study historical and contemporary art in studio and art history courses, along with English, Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications (FFAC) options and university electives. Students work in studios in Allard Hall on MacEwan University’s downtown campus, walking distance to campus facilities and services, as well as to museums and galleries in Edmonton’s downtown arts district.

This program exposes students to the diversity of contemporary art practice, and emphasizes the development of creative, research and professional skills. In the first year, students learn elements and principles used in visual composition, art themes and media, creative research and histories of art and visual culture. In the second year, they develop a personal direction as they study and explore contemporary art theories and practice, professional practice, and pursue idea and process within studio course objectives. Digital technologies along with traditional approaches are incorporated throughout the curricula in coursework in drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, performance art, digital art, video and emerging forms. Studio assignments are designed to foster creative problem-solving skills, fluency with creative language and a strong work ethic. Through critiques, lectures and seminars, and visiting artist lectures, students learn to discuss their own art as it relates to contemporary art and its influences and contexts.

Career Potential

Graduates of the program can be self-employed artists who work on commissioned artworks or exhibit their artwork in art galleries and museums or the public sphere. The program provides a solid grounding to pursue various career pathways such as becoming artists, designers, illustrators, architects, film or media production artists, muralists, art teachers, university art professors, photographers, art historians, art writers, gallery administrators, art technicians, curators, archivists, and art conservators.

Contact Information

Program Requirements

The following program requirements are needed to complete the credential. Refer to the Student Plan as this plan identifies the usual course schedule.

Required Courses
ARTE 104Five Centuries of Art and Visual Culture: From Renaissance to the 19th-Century3
ARTE 106Digital Foundation 13
ARTE 1073D Foundation 13
ARTE 110Drawing Foundation 13
ARTE 1112D Foundation 13
ARTE 119Introduction to Creative Research 13
ARTE 120Drawing I 13
ARTE 205Painting I3
ARTE 206Intermedia I3
ARTE 208Introduction to Professional Practice3
ARTE 219Concepts and Practice3
ARTE 224The Visual Culture of Modernity: Fin-de-siècle to Mid-Twentieth Century3
ARTE 230Introduction to Contemporary Drawing 13
ARTE 234Art and Visual Culture II: Modernism and Postmodernism3
ENGL 102Analysis and Argument3
Choose an ENGL course from the following:3
Approaches to Literature: Trends and Traditions
Approaches to Literature: Narrative Across Media
Approaches to Literature: Contemporary Literature and Culture
Options - Select two courses from the list below:6
3D Spatial Practice I
History of Photography
Painting II
Intermedia II
Special Topics in Art
Thinking Photography
Special Topics in Art
Elective or FFAC option - Select either one elective or one option 23
Total Credits60

The minimum passing grade for this course is a C-.


DESN courses can be used to fulfill the FFAC option.

Note: Not all Fine Art Option courses are offered in every year.

The minimum passing grade for a course at MacEwan University is a D unless otherwise noted next to the appropriate course in the program of study.

Course Substitutions

Credit Earned in: May Be Substituted for Credit in Program Course:
ARTE 102 ARTE 104
ARTE 121 ARTE 119
ARTE 123 ARTE 107
ARTE 202 ARTE 224
ARTE 203 ARTE 234
ARTE 231 ARTE 205, ARTE 215
ARTE 240 ARTE 219
ARTE 241 ARTE 206, ARTE 207
VCPH 100 ARTE 106

Program Regulations

Students in this program are required to successfully complete all courses in Year 1 of the Program of Study in order to be able to progress to Year 2.

Program courses (ARTE) and Bachelor of Design courses (DESN, VCDE, VCDF, VCDI, VCDM, VCDR, VCMI, VCOM, VCPH, VCPR) cannot be used to fulfill elective requirements. However, a DESN course can be used to fulfill one (1) FFAC option.

Student Plan

Students must follow the Student Plan (listed below) to complete this credential in the year(s) indicated by the plan. Students must consult with a program Academic Advisor regarding any deviation from the Student Plan, as this may extend the time it takes to complete the program.

Year 1
Term 1CreditsTerm 2Credits
ARTE 1043ARTE 1063
ARTE 1073ARTE 1193
ARTE 1103ARTE 1203
ARTE 1113ARTE 2243
ENGL 1023Choose an ENGL course from the following:3
 15 15
Year 2
Term 1CreditsTerm 2Credits
ARTE 2053ARTE 2083
ARTE 2063ARTE 2193
ARTE 2303Fine Art Option - 200+ level6
ARTE 2343Elective or FFAC Option3
 15 15
Total Credits 60

Admission Requirements

Applicants may be admitted to one of the following:

Regular Admission

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Applicants must have a minimum overall average of 60 percent, with no course grade lower than 50 percent, in the following high school courses:

  1. ELA 30-1 or a minimum of 65% in ELA 30-2
  2. One Group A course
  3. One Group B or C course
  4. One Group C or D course

Applicants with nine or more university level credits must also present a minimum Admission Grade Point average (AGPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Mature Admission

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Applicants must be 20 years of age or older and have been out of full-time high school at least one year by the beginning of the intake term. Applicants must have the following:

  • ELA 30-1 with a minimum grade of 60 percent (or equivalent)


  • Six credits of university level English with no grade less than C-

Applicants with nine or more university level credits must also present a minimum Admission Grade Point average (AGPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Additional Admission Criteria

All applicants must meet the following:

1. English Language Proficiency

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Applicable to All Admission Categories

All applicants must meet an acceptable level of English language proficiency. We will require official documents such as high school or post-secondary transcripts or proof of successful completion of standardized language evaluation. Full details are available in MacEwan University’s academic calendar or online at

2. Other Admission Criteria

To be evaluated through the Program

Applicable to All Admission Categories

Applicants must submit a portfolio and a statement of intent to be assessed by a committee of Fine Art faculty.

Successful applicants will demonstrate in their portfolio:

  • a basic understanding of composition, colour, tone and perspective
  • an interest in working with a variety of mediums and subjects
  • an attention to presentation

Successful applicants will demonstrate in their statement of intent:

  • the ability to express ideas well in writing
  • how this MacEwan University program is aligned with their interests and goals
  • an interest in learning about the theories and practice of historical and contemporary art