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Arts and Cultural Management Diploma


Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications

Please note: This program is no longer accepting applications. Please see the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Arts and Cultural Management major, for information on the new degree and diploma exit options.

MacEwan University’s innovative and dynamic two-year 60-credit diploma in Arts and Cultural Management will prepare you for a career in arts management. Whether you are a practicing artist looking for the skill set to manage your own career or someone who loves supporting the creation and development of arts and culture in your community, this diploma will prepare you to take on administrative and management roles in the creative and cultural sectors. Building on the success of almost 40 years of arts management training at MacEwan University, you will leave the program with the skills you need to begin an exciting career in arts and cultural management.

Through the program, you develop close ties to the arts and cultural community, and emerge from your studies ready to assist organizations in the areas of fund/resource and audience development, publicity and media relations, human resource management, special event planning, project management, and much more.

After completing the academic portion of the program, you will practice what you have learned in an exciting two-month field placement with an organization of your choice. This practical experience comprises six credits in the credential and is a key factor for your successful transition into paid employment in the sector.

A variety of international educational opportunities are available to students throughout their course of study, including cultural study tours and international exchange opportunities.

If you have other post-secondary education and want to start working sooner, you may choose to exit the program with a certificate after one year of study. The program is available through classroom study or online, full-time or part-time.

Career Potential

Graduates can be found working across Canada in a wide variety of arts organizations, large and small; as fundraisers and fund development officers for arts organizations, managers of professional theatres; volunteer or marketing coordinators, special event coordinators, publicists, artist managers, and festival directors; or as public programming managers in museums and art galleries. Many graduates transition into starting their own businesses or managing their own artistic practice.


Internal Opportunities

MacEwan University is committed to providing bridging and laddering opportunities to its certificate and diploma graduates. Graduates of this diploma may be granted credit towards various MacEwan University diploma and degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts up to 33 credits
  • Bachelor of Commerce up to 42 credits
  • Bachelor of Communication Studies up to 51 credits

Students are advised to consult an advisor for specific admission requirements.

External Opportunities

All courses completed for the Arts and Cultural Management diploma are credit courses that may be transferable individually toward further study at other Alberta institutions.

Students presenting a completed diploma in this program may be eligible for a block transfer to other Alberta institutions. University of Alberta students in the Bachelor of Arts in Drama program may complete 18 credits of coursework in this program at MacEwan University and transfer the credit towards a minor in Arts Management at the University of Alberta. For current, detailed information on individual course and diploma transferability, refer to the Learner Pathways System at or contact the receiving institution directly.

Technology Integration

Classroom students in the Arts and Cultural Management program are required to purchase a laptop and the necessary software identified by the program. This initiative is designed to maximize student learning through the integration of their coursework and the software used in the field.

For more information, attend a program information session (dates are listed on the program website) at, become a student for a day or contact an advisor at the email address below.

Contact Information

Program Requirements

The following program requirements are needed to complete the credential. Refer to the Student Plan as this plan identifies the usual course schedule.

Required Courses
AGAD 100Foundations of Arts and Cultural Management3
AGAD 105Accounting in Arts and Cultural Management3
AGAD 107Computer Applications in Arts and Cultural Management3
or MGTS 107 Business Computing
AGAD 112Introduction to Audience and Resource Development3
AGAD 120Managing and Leading in Arts and Culture3
or AGAD 320 Leadership Seminar
AGAD 122Applied Audience and Resource Development3
AGAD 123Human Resources in Arts and Cultural Management3
AGAD 203Introduction to Project Management in Arts and Culture3
AGAD 223Applied Project Management in Arts and Culture3
AGAD 229Work Integrated Learning Preparation 0
AGAD 232Advanced Audience and Resource Development3
AGAD 235Work Integrated Learning6
ENGL 102Analysis and Argument3
or WRIT 101 First Year Writing
Choose an ENGL course from the following:3
Approaches to Literature: Trends and Traditions
Approaches to Literature: Narrative Across Media
Approaches to Literature: Contemporary Literature and Culture
Options - Choose four courses from the following list:12
Publicity and Media Relations in the Arts
Performing Arts Management
Museum and Gallery Management
Managing in the Music Industry
Independent Study
Event Management
Fund Development in Arts Management
Internal Practicum in Arts Management
Cultural Policy and Advocacy
Community Cultural Development and Engagement
Total Credits60

Note: Not all option courses are offered every year.

The minimum passing grade for a course at MacEwan University is a D unless otherwise noted next to the appropriate course in the program of study.

Course Substitutions

Credit Earned in: May Be Substituted for Credit in Program Course:
AGAD 103 and AGAD 127 AGAD 112
AGAD 121 and AGAD 127 AGAD 122
AGAD 129 and AGAD 130 AGAD 120
AGAD 103 and AGAD 127 and AGAD 121 AGAD 232
AGAD 125 AGAD 225
AGAD 126 AGAD 226
AGAD 101 or AGAD 201 AGAD 301
AGAD 109 AGAD 209

Program Regulations

Declaring the Certificate Exit Option

Students who choose the certificate exit option for this program must complete a total of 36 credits – all Year 1 core courses, three English credits, two options, and AGAD 229 Work Integrated Learning Preparation and AGAD 235 Work Integrated Learning per the Program of Study. Students are required to declare their intention for the certificate exit option, in writing, to the Chair by September 15 to ensure an appropriate field placement can be arranged for the Spring/Summer term (May and June).

Field Placement Term

Students taking either the diploma or certificate exit program must successfully complete all courses for the chosen credential with a minimum GPA of 2.0 in order to register in AGAD 235 Work Integrated Learning.

Program of Study 

Students taking the diploma must complete six credits of electives and six credits of English. Arts and Cultural Management program courses may not be used as electives.

Students must also take 12 option credits, with a minimum of 9 of those credits coming from Arts and Cultural Management option offerings. The remaining 3 credits may be taken from courses offered in other programs in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications from an approved list and pending availability.

Student Plan

Students must follow the Student Plan (listed below) to complete this credential in the year(s) indicated by the plan. Students must consult with a program Academic Advisor regarding any deviation from the Student Plan, as this may extend the time it takes to complete the program.

Year 1
Term 1CreditsTerm 2Credits
AGAD 1003AGAD 120 or 3203
AGAD 1053AGAD 1223
AGAD 107 or MGTS 1073AGAD 1233
AGAD 1123AGAD Options6
ENGL 102 or WRIT 1013 
 15 15
Year 2
Term 1CreditsTerm 2Credits
AGAD 2033AGAD 2233
AGAD 2290AGAD 2356
AGAD 2323AGAD Option3
Choose an ENGL course from the following:3Elective3
AGAD Option3 
 15 15
Total Credits 60

Admission Requirements

Applicants may be admitted to one of the following:

Regular Admission

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Applicants must have a minimum overall average of 65 percent, with no course grade lower than 50 percent, in the following high school courses:

  1. ELA 30-1
  2. Four subjects from Group A, B, C, or D


  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to present a broad range of subjects in order to benefit from the breadth of learning and to increase flexibility of future program and course choices.
  • A maximum of two Group B subjects may be presented; they must be from different disciplines.
  • A maximum of one Group D subject may be presented. Group D subjects used for admission must be 5-credit or any credit combination of at least 5 credits (e.g., two 3-credit subjects).

Applicants with nine or more post-secondary credits must also present a minimum Admission Grade Point Average (AGPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Mature Admission

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Applicants must be 20 years of age or older and have been out of full-time high school at least one year by the beginning of the intake term. Applicants must have the following:

  • ELA 30-1 with a minimum grade of 65 percent (or equivalent)
  • Six credits of university-level English with no grade less than C-

Applicants with nine or more post-secondary credits must also present a minimum Admission Grade Point Average (AGPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Previous Post-Secondary Admission

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Admission in this category does not imply or guarantee the transfer of any coursework and/or credential unless a block transfer agreement (internal or external) is in effect and published in the calendar by the Office of the University Registrar. In addition, transfer of coursework does not imply or guarantee that an applicant will be admitted.

Applicants must have successfully completed the following from a recognized institution:

  • A minimum of 18 post-secondary credits with a minimum Admission Grade Point Average (AGPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale and must have completed ELA 30-1 (or equivalent) listed under the Regular or Mature category.

Additional Admission Criteria

All applicants must meet the following:

1. English Language Proficiency

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Applicable to All Admission Categories

All applicants must meet an acceptable level of English language proficiency. We will require official documents such as high school or post-secondary transcripts or proof of successful completion of standardized language evaluation. Full details are available in MacEwan University’s academic calendar or online at

2. Other Admission Criteria

To be evaluated through the Program

Applicable to All Admission Categories

Applicants are required to submit a program questionnaire. Successful applicants will demonstrate in their responses:

  • knowledge of arts/culture in their community
  • research completed regarding the work of arts administrators/managers
  • how this MacEwan University program is aligned with their interests and goals