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Early Learning and Child Care


Diploma Exit Option

You may choose to exit the Bachelor of Early Childhood Curriculum Studies with a diploma in Early Learning and Child Care after the successful completion of the first two years of the degree program.

Even if you plan to complete the diploma option, you need to apply to the four-year Bachelor of Early Childhood Curriculum Studies degree.

The Early Learning and Child Care diploma exit program prepares you to be an early childhood educator and care for the youngest citizens in our community. Over two years of study, you learn how to foster children's growing sense of identity and belonging, as active, contributing members of the community. The foundation of professional practice is facilitating early learning through play.

The Early Learning and Child Care exit diploma program prepares you to become knowledgeable, skilled, responsive educators and advocates for young children and their families. Courses focus on child development, curriculum planning, positive child guidance, professional team communications, and working with families. Courses are a unique blend of experiential learning and theoretical knowledge. Course content focuses on children from birth to eight years.

Refer to the Bachelor of Early Childhood Curriculum Studies for further information for program regulations, student plan, and admission requirements.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements - Diploma Exit

 The following program requirements are needed to complete the diploma exit credential. Refer to the Bachelor of Childhood Curriculum Studies degree program Student Plan as this plan identifies the usual course schedule.

Year 1
ECCS 101Healthy Environments for Early Childhood3
ECCS 102Languages of Expression: Well-Being3
ECCS 110Child Development I: Current and Emerging Theories3
ECCS 115Communication within a Practice of Relationships3
ECCS 120Field Placement I: Well Being3
ECCS 125Integration Seminar I - Well-Being1
ECCS 155Curriculum II: Languages of Play3
ECCS 160Child Development II: Growth and Development of Young Children3
ECCS 170Field Placement II: Play and Playfulness3
ECCS 175Integration Seminar II: Play and Playfulness1
ECCS 180Family-Centred Practice3
University-level English (includes WRIT 101)3
Year 2
ECCS 201Languages of Exploration: Curriculum for Communication and Literacies3
ECCS 202Expressions of Citizenship: Curriculum for Diversity and Social Responsibility3
ECCS 220Field Placement III: Communication and Literacy3
ECCS 225Integration Seminar III: Communication and Literacy1
ECCS 250Foundations of Early Childhood3
ECCS 255Inclusive Environments and Practice in Early Childhood3
ECCS 260Family and Community Issues3
ECCS 265Supporting Social and Emotional Well-Being within a Practice of Relationships3
ECCS 270Field Placement IV: Diversity and Social Responsibility3
ECCS 275Integration Seminar IV: Diversity and Social Responsibility1
INTD 105Interpersonal Communication3
INTD 250Introduction to Indigenous Perspectives3
Total Credits64