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Child and Youth Care

Diploma Exit Option

You may choose to exit the Bachelor of Child and Youth Care with a diploma after successful completion of the first 60 credits of the degree.

Even if you plan to complete the diploma exit option, you will need to apply to the four-year Bachelor of Child and Youth Care degree program. 

Over the two years of study, you complete required courses that develop your knowledge and skills to build relationships with individuals and families, helping them to gain new insights, access supports, and learn strategies for navigating the complexities of their lives. The first two years focus on a variety of topics including human development, professional helping, diversity, family, creative interventions, and mental health. If you choose the diploma exit option, you are fully prepared to move immediately into entry-level, front-line positions in the field.

For further information on admission requirements, program regulations and student plan, refer to the Bachelor of Child and Youth Care.

Program Requirements - Diploma Exit

The following program requirements are needed to complete the diploma exit credential. Refer to the Bachelor of Child and Youth Care degree for the Student Plan as this plan identifies the usual course schedule.

Year 1Credits
CYCW 1003
CYCW 1013
CYCW 1063
CYCW 1073
CYCW 1093
CYCW 1153
CYCW 1243
CYCW 1253
CYCW 1283
University-level English (includes WRIT 101)3
Year 2Credits
CYCW 2003
CYCW 2013
CYCW 2043
CYCW 2053
CYCW 2063
CYCW 2113
CYCW 2143
CYCW 2153
CYCW 2193
CYCW 2253
Total Credits 60