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Application Fees

An application fee of $110 per application is required. For most programs, applicants can select a second-choice program within the same application.

The fee must be paid at the time the application is submitted. Application fees are non-refundable and cannot be applied toward tuition.

Admission Confirmation Deposit

To guarantee a position in a program, applicants must accept the Offer of Admission by paying the Admission Confirmation Deposit on or before the acceptance deadline stated in myStudentSystem and their Offer of Admission letter. If students do not pay their admission confirmation deposit by the deadline indicated in their offer letter or myStudentSystem, their admission offer will be withdrawn. These funds are applied towards tuition.

All cheques, money orders, and drafts must have all of the following imprints by the bank:

  • Bank transit/swift number
  • Bank account number
  • Branch number
  • Cheque, money order or draft number

The university does not accept post-dated cheques.

For Canadian applicants, the most convenient method to pay a program deposit may be online.

Admissions Related Fees and Deposits

Fee Description All Admission Intakes in this Academic Year
Application for Admissions Fee $110
Admissions Confirmation Deposit (applied towards tuition) $4001
Admission Confirmation Deposit for an International Applicant (applied towards tuition) $1,0002
Outbound Exchange Student Application Fee $100

Students may be eligible for a 50% refund of their Admission Confirmation Deposit if they notify the Office of the University Registrar in writing of their intent to withdraw from the university by the following deadlines:

  • Fall term — July 1
  • Winter term — November 1
  • Spring/Summer term — March 1

International Admission Confirmation Deposits are non-refundable.

Mandatory Non-instructional Fees

Mandatory Non-instructional Fees (MNIFs) provide students with essential goods and services.

The following are the estimated fees for the 2024/25 academic year, which are subject to approval by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

Mandatory Non-instructional Fees Fall or Winter Terms Spring/Summer Term
Information Technology Fee $34.50 (per term) $34.50 (per term)
Medical Clinic Fee 1 $12.00 (per term) $12.00 (per term)
Mental Health Fee $7.00 (per term) $7.00 (per term)
Registrarial Service Fee $18.00 (per term) $18.00 (per term)
Sport and Wellness Fee1 $102.00 (per term) $102.00 (per term)

Not applicable for programs offered at a campus outside of Edmonton.

Information Technology Fee

This fee was established to fund technology projects that specifically result in providing new or improved technology services that benefit students.

Medical Clinic Fee

This fee supports Health Services for all students. Students who need medical support may make an appointment at the MacEwan University Health Centre.

Mental Health Fee

This fee supports the provision of mental health and wellness services available to students, including mental health treatment and support, and health promotion and community-building initiatives.

Registrarial Service Fee

This fee covers a variety of services offered by the Office of the University Registrar, including but not limited to Application to Graduate, Parchment Replacement, Confirmation Letters and Undergraduate Transcripts.

Sport and Wellness Fee

MacEwan University supports the value of developing the whole person by providing students with opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, personally and physically. The Sport and Wellness fee provides students a membership to Sport and Wellness, funding for Recreation programming and Griffins Athletics.

Students' Association Fees

Students' Association Fees are established by the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU). SAMU is the student government body that represents and serves MacEwan University students. SAMU is a statutory corporation established under section 93 of the Post-secondary Learning Act.

These fees are subject to change and more information is available on

Students' Association Fees Fall or Winter Terms Spring/Summer Term
SAMU General Membership Fee $13.50 (per credit, maximum $202.50 per term) $13.50 (per credit, maximum $202.50 per term)
Special SAMU Membership Fee2 $4.66 (per credit, maximum of $69.90 per term) $4.66 (per credit, maximum of $69.90 per term)
SAMU Building Levy1 $35.00 (per term) $35.00 (per term)
U-Pass Fee1 $180.00 (per term) $180.00 (per term)
Health Care Benefit Fee3 $114.75 (per term) -
Dental Benefit Fee3 $93.37 (per term) -
MyLegalPlan3 $18.00 (per academic year) $18.00 (per academic year)
Global Education Fee1 $3.50 (per term, billed starting at 9 credits) -

Not applicable for programs offered at a campus outside of Edmonton.


Only applicable for English as an Additional Language and University Preparation programs. The "SAMU General Membership Fee" is not charged to English as an Additional Language and University Preparation programs.


Not applicable for English as an Additional Language, University Preparation and Alberta Foundation program students.

SAMU Membership Fees

The SAMU General Membership Fee and the Special SAMU Membership Fee are used to fund SAMU-led initiatives and student resources. These fees also support SAMU's advocacy work with MacEwan University and all levels of government.

Students will only be charged one of the SAMU Membership Fees depending on their current program of study.

SAMU Building Levy

The SAMU Building Levy is charged to all students who are registered for one credit or more in a single term. This levy is used to repay the SAMU Building's mortgage and any required maintenance costs.

U-Pass Fee

This fee is assessed each term (Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer) to all students who are enrolled in an on-campus program and registered in at least one credit that is on campus. The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) provides students with unlimited usage of regular transit services (this excludes special events, contracted and charter services).

SAMU administers the U-Pass. For more information regarding pick-up, service areas, Terms and Regulations and opt-outs please visit

Health Care Benefit and Dental Benefit Fees

Mandatory Health Care Benefit and Dental Benefit Fees are charged to all full-time and part-time students. Any student with proof of alternate coverage for supplemental health care and/or dental care may opt-out of these plans prior to the advertised deadline date by contacting the plan administrator.

For more information about eligibility, policy content, family add-on, opt-out, and current network dental list visit

MyLegalPlan Fee

A supplemental legal assistance fee is charged to all full-time and part-time students as part of the enrolment process. MyLegalPlan is built to address student concerns around the anxieties and financial pressures of pursuing legal action. MyLegalPlan is designed to ensure that students have a resource that provides considerable legal coverage and an easily accessible legal network of qualified and experienced lawyers from across the country.

For more information about eligibility, policy content, and current network visit

Global Education Fee

This fee provides funds for overseas educational projects for underprivileged schools and students ($1.00); and also sponsors refugee students’ attendance at MacEwan University ($2.50).

Material and Special Fees

Material and Special Fees vary by course and program.

A Material Fee is charged for materials that are retained or leased by a student; for example, the cost of specialized software.

A Special Fee is expended during the course of instruction, such as lab materials. Special Fees may include instruction costs in addition to regular class time (e.g., private music lessons, math tutor sessions, etc.).

Other Fees

MacEwan University may charge other fees that are not mandatory for all students.

Fee Description Amount
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition $40.00
Course Audit 50% of course tuition (plus any applicable course material and special fees)
Deferred Examination $75.00 for single exam; $150.00 for 2+ exams
Field Placement/Practicum Identification Card $10.00
Locker Fees Per Term $20.00
Locker Contents Reclaiming $25.00
Photo Identification Card $10.00
Photo ID Card Replacement $10.00
Returned Cheque (NSF) $40.00
Payment Plan (Administration Fee) $50.00