Academic Calendar


All students at the university are required to self-enrol in courses by using myStudentSystem. Students will not be permitted to attend classes unless officially enrolled.

How to Enrol

  • Log into using your MacEwan University Network ID
  • Click on the myStudentSystem tab to enrol in courses

For guidance on how to use myStudentSystem navigate to the step-by-step instructions at

Changes to Course Enrolment

Students may add, drop or swap course selections up until the last day to add or drop classes as specified in the Academic Schedule for each term. Course additions and swaps are limited to seat availability. Students may withdraw from a course without academic penalty up until the last day to withdraw date as specified in the Academic Schedule for each term.

Students are responsible to make any desired changes to their enrolment on myStudentSystem. Notifying an instructor, ceasing to attend classes, or stopping payment will not be accepted as a course drop or withdrawal.

  • No record will appear on the transcript for any course dropped before the last day to add or drop, and students may be eligible for a fee adjustment if applicable.
  • If a course is dropped after the last day to add or drop, the course will appear on the transcript with a “W” grade and the student will not be eligible for any fee adjustment. The student will be responsible for all tuition and fees.
  • Add or drop changes may alter current fee assessments. Student balances are available on myStudentSystem. Refund information can be found in the Tuition and Fees Policy.
  • As all courses may not be offered every term, students should consult the schedule of courses for each term before dropping a course.


Each student is responsible for fulfilling each course prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s) as listed in the course description. 

Repeating Credit Courses

A student in a credit course shall be allowed to repeat any course one additional time, regardless of whether the initial registration resulted in a failing or passing grade. However, completed credit will only be granted once for each course. For the overall graduation evaluation, the course with the highest grade will be used to fulfill graduation requirements and calculate the GGPA. Course Withdrawals (W) and Audits (AU) do not count as course attempts. More information can be found in the Repeating Credit Courses at MacEwan University Policy.

Students with Disabilities

Students who may require accommodations due to a disability are advised to discuss their needs with Access and Disability Resources ( Students should also advise instructors at the beginning of the course if accommodations are requested.

Cancelled Class Statement

The Dean of a Faculty or School may determine that it is necessary to cancel a class section. If a class section is cancelled, every reasonable effort will be made to contact enrolled students. Where possible, students will be enrolled in another section of the same course or in another course that satisfies program requirements. If no suitable alternative is available, a refund will be issued in accordance with the Tuition and Fees Policy.