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Tuition and Fees

Paying Tuition and Fees

The university provides several payment methods for tuition and fees. More information can be found by visiting

We recommend that students use online banking to make payments. To pay tuition and related fees using this service, note the following:

  1. Register with your bank to make online bill payments.
  2. Select MacEwan University or MacEwan University-Tuition as the payee. If MacEwan University is not listed as a payee, try searching for Grant MacEwan University or Grant MacEwan College. If that is not successful, contact your bank.
  3. The account number will be your seven-digit student ID number.
  4. The payment will be considered received as of the transaction date. It can take 3 to 5 business days for a payment to appear in myStudentSystem.

Sponsored Students

If a third-party sponsor is paying tuition and fees on behalf of a student, the student must obtain a letter from the sponsoring agency. Sponsorship letters must be specific to the term. A new sponsorship letter is needed each year. A copy of this letter must be submitted to the Financial Services department prior to the fee payment deadlines. Sponsorship approvals may be emailed to or faxed to 780-497-5450. 


Refunds for tuition and fees will be actioned according to the university's Tuition and Fees policy and procedure.

Tax Receipts

T2202 tax receipts will be available to students online via myStudentSystem at the end of February. Tax receipts will not be mailed and are only accessible via the myStudentSystem.


GST is applied to material fees. GST is not applied to tuition.