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Department of Psychology

Psychology is both an arts discipline (covering such topics as social psychology and personality) and a science discipline (covering such topics as visual perception and the neurological processes involved in memory formation). Regardless of a student’s focus, the fundamental question that the discipline of psychology seeks to answer is, “Why do people do what they do?” At a basic level, students who study psychology come to understand and appreciate the many factors that influence and motivate human behaviour, and have an opportunity to gain a foundation in the various sub-fields such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, experimental psychology, forensic psychology, and clinical psychology. Students develop a number of valuable skill-sets, including the ability to formulate evidence-based arguments, and critically evaluate research findings.


Aimee Skye, PhD (McMaster)


Nicole Anderson, PhD (McMaster)
Perception and Psychophysics

Craig Blatz, PhD (Waterloo)
Social Psychology

Kathleen Corrigal, PhD (McMaster)
Music Perception and Cognition/Developmental Psychology

Nancy Digdon, PhD (Western Ontario)
Health Psychology and History of Psychology

Shannon Digweed, PhD (Lethbridge)
Evolution and Behaviour

Miranda Giacomin, PhD (Wilfred Laurier)
Social Psychology and Personality

Trevor Hamilton, PhD (Alberta)

Lynne Honey, PhD (McMaster)
Evolution, Learning, and Behaviour

Andrew Howell, PhD (Concordia)
Clinical Psychology

Michelle Jarick, PhD (Waterloo)
Cognitive Neuroscience

Sandy Jung, PhD (Victoria)
Forensic Psychology

Eric Legge, PhD (Alberta)
Experimental/Comparative Cognition

Michele Moscicki, PhD (Alberta)
Comparative Cognition and Behaviour

Kristine Peace, PhD (Dalhousie)
Forensic, Social and Memory

Alexander Penney, PhD (Lakehead)
Clinical Psychology

Russ Powell, PhD (Alberta)
Behaviour Analysis

Sean Rogers, MA (Minnesota)
Stress, Growth and Trauma

Melike Schalomon, PhD (Alberta)

Rodney Schmaltz, PhD (Alberta)
Social Psychology

Christopher Striemer, PhD (Waterloo)
Cognitive Neuroscience

Tara Vongpaisal, PhD (Toronto)
Developmental Psychology

David Watson, PhD (Alberta)
Personality, Psychometrics, Experimental Psycopathology