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Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences is the study of living organisms, environments and the various relationships therein. It examines the structure, function, growth and development, origin, evolution, distribution, and classification of all living things. Biological Sciences at MacEwan University encompasses biochemistry, botany, genetics, microbiology, and zoology, allowing students to study a diverse range of organisms all the way from their molecular level to the ecosystems that these organisms inhabit. Courses in the department support two streams of study: Molecular/Cellular Biology and Ecology/Diversity Biology. Students will also gain technical expertise, which can be supplemented with research-intensive individual study courses or with field-based courses.


Kevin Friesen, PhD (Alberta)
Physiology and Cell Biology


Agata Becalaska, PhD (Princeton)
Molecular Biology

Nina Bernstein, PhD (Alberta)

Victoria Bowles, M.Sc. (Alberta)
Biological Sciences

Karen Christensen-Dalsgaard, PhD (Manchester)
Plant Physiology

Mrinal Das, PhD (Alberta)

Monica Davis, PhD (Alberta)
Molecular Biology and Genetics

Kathy Davies, B.Sc. (Alberta)
Biological Sciences

Shannon Digweed, PhD (Lethbridge)
Evolution and Behaviour

Christina Elliott, M.Sc. (Alberta)
Environmental Biology and Ecology

Leah Flaherty, PhD (New Brunswick)
Forestry and Environmental Management

Erin Fleming, M.Sc. (British Columbia, Okanagan)
Environmental Sciences

Jessica Haines, PhD (Alberta)

Kimberley Harcombe, PhD (Alberta)
Microbiology and Biotechnology

Melissa Hills, PhD (Australian National)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Kevin Judge, PhD (Toronto)

David Locky, PhD (Alberta)
Environmental Biology and Ecology

David McFadyen, PhD (Alberta)
Molecular Biology and Genetics

Randi Mewhort, M.Sc. (Alberta)
Environmental Biology and Ecology

Lisa Prichard, PhD (Washington)

Ross Shaw, PhD (British Columbia)

Treena Swanston, PhD (Saskatchewan)

Gord Youzwyshyn, M.Sc. (Alberta)