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University Preparation


School of Continuing Education

University Preparation offers core high school equivalent courses that are prerequisites for entrance to university programs.

Career Potential

University Preparation is an essential first step toward the achievement of a student’s career goals. This program allows most students to complete all of their prerequisite high school equivalency courses within a year and move into the university program of their choice.

Contact Information

T: 780-497-4400

Program Requirements

BIOL 020Biology 205
BIOL 030Biology 305
CHEM 020Chemistry 205
CHEM 030Chemistry 305
CMSK 011Computers Level I5
CMSK 015Computers Level II5
ENGL 010-1English 10-15
ENGL 020-1English 20-15
ENGL 020-2English 20-25
ENGL 030-1English 30-15
ENGL 030-2English 30-25
MATH 010RMathematics 10 Prep5
MATH 010CMathematics 10 Common5
MATH 020-1Mathematics 20-15
MATH 020-2Mathematics 20-25
MATH 030-1Mathematics 30-15
MATH 030-2Mathematics 30-25
MATH 031Mathematics 315
PHYS 020Physics 205
PHYS 030Physics 305
SCIE 010Science 105
SCIE 030Science 305
SOST 020-1Social Studies 20-15
SOST 030-1Social Studies 30-15

Not all courses are offered each term. Evening courses have separate start and end dates. Consult the program for further details.

Admission Requirements

Domestic and International students will be required to meet the same requirements.

All applicants must meet an acceptable level of English language proficiency. This program requires proof of successful completion of standardized language evaluation such as CLB scores of at least 6 (with no skill under 6), an overall IELTS score of 6.0 with no skill under 5.0, or equivalent.

Once admitted to the program, students may be required to write a placement test to determine their current academic standing and placement level in the program.

International applicants must be eligible to apply for a study permit which is valid for 6 months or longer.

High School Equivalency Diploma

University Preparation offers a high school equivalency diploma. To qualify, students must present five courses with a minimum grade of “D” at the 30-level. Three of the five courses must be completed in the University Preparation program. Of the five courses required for the equivalency diploma, at least one must be in English (30- level), and one must be in mathematics (30-level). For more information, please contact our office at 780-497-4400