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English as an Additional Language (EAL)


School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education offers a range of courses for learners of English as an Additional Language. The program focuses on English for academic studies for English language learners who wish to complete high school studies, continue to post-secondary studies or re-enter their professions in Canada.

Core courses in reading/writing and listening/speaking are offered at five levels of proficiency, ranging from courses at the Intermediate level to courses which teach English for academic purposes and post-secondary studies. Focus courses target specific needs and interests including pronunciation, grammar, and academic vocabulary. Additional programming includes courses in writing, speaking and IELTS preparation. Class participation, homework and regular attendance are essential parts of the language learning process.

New applicants may be required to take a placement test to determine their starting level in the program.

Not all courses may be offered in each term. Evening courses have separate start and end dates. Please consult the program for details.

Career Potential

EAL prepares students for employment, academic upgrading or university admissions.

Contact Information

T: 780-497-4400

Program Requirements

Core Courses - Reading and Writing
ERDW 081Intermediate Reading and Writing I5
ERDW 082Intermediate Reading and Writing II5
ERDW 083Advanced Reading and Writing I5
ERDW 084Advanced Reading and Writing II5
ERDW 085Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes5
ENGL 086ELP for University - Reading and Writing5
Core Courses - Listening and Speaking
ESPL 081Intermediate Listening and Speaking I5
ESPL 082Intermediate Listening and Speaking II5
ESPL 083Advanced Listening and Speaking I5
ESPL 084Advanced Listening and Speaking II5
ESPL 085Listening and Speaking for Academic Purposes5
ENGL 087ELP for University - Listening and Speaking5
Focus Courses
EOPT 060Pronunciation I5
EOPT 061Pronunciation II5
EOPT 064Academic Vocabulary I5
EOPT 065Academic Vocabulary II5
EOPT 066Grammar I5
EOPT 067Grammar II5
EOPT 068Research Writing5

Admission Requirements

Students under 18 years of age are not accepted except with special permission.

Admission Criteria

Domestic and International students will be required to meet the same requirements.

All applicants must meet an acceptable level of English language proficiency. This program requires proof of CLB scores of 5 in at least 2 categories (with no skill under 4), an overall IELTS score of 4.0 (with no skill below 3.5), or equivalent.

Once admitted, students may be required to write a placement test to determine their current academic standing and placement level in the program.

International applicants must be eligible to apply for a study permit which is valid for 6 months or longer.