Academic Calendar

Occupational Health Nursing

Program Requirements

OCCH 300Introduction to Occupational Health Nursing 13
OCCH 301Occupational Environments 14
OCCH 302Occupational Health Screening 14
OCCH 303Field Experience in Occupational Health Nursing 12
OCCH 304Occupational Health Program Development 13
OCCH 305Disability Management 13
OCCH 306Trends and Issues in Occupational Health 13
OCCH 307Occupational Toxicology 13
OCCH 308Occupational Health Surveillance 13
OCCH 309Occupational Health Nursing: Final Project 12
Total Credits30

The minimum passing grade for this course is a C-.

The minimum passing grade for a course at MacEwan University is a D unless otherwise noted next to the appropriate course in the program of study.

Course Substitutions

Credit Earned in: May Be Substituted for Credit in Program Course:
ENGL 102 OR ENGL 100 ENGL 111 OR ENGL 108

Program Regulations

Program Time Limit - Exemption

A student in Occupational Health Nursing has four years from the first day of the term of acceptance to complete all requirements to be eligible for a credential (Program Time Limits policy).

Program Graduation Regulations

Active Registered Nurse License

Students must meet the specific registered nurse requirements as set out in the admission criteria for the duration of the program or they may be required to withdraw from the program. Prior to graduation students are required to complete a three-credit English course.

Admission Requirements

Applicants may be admitted to the following:

Regular Admission

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Applicants must be actively registered as a Registered Nurse in Canada or licensed as a nurse in another country, and have received a practicing permit from their professional provincial jurisdiction.

Additional Admission Criteria

All applicants must meet the following:

1. English Language Proficiency

To be evaluated through the Office of the University Registrar

Applicable to All Admission Categories

All applicants must meet an acceptable level of English language proficiency. We will require official documents such as high school or post-secondary transcripts or proof of successful completion of standardized language evaluation. Full details are available in MacEwan University’s academic calendar or online at