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Behavioural Interventions Certificate


School of Continuing Education Interventions

The Behavioural Interventions Certificate of Achievement (BICA) program provides a blend of academic training and skill development in applied behaviour analysis (ABA). ABA principles and procedures are applicable across a wide range of human services, especially in the assistance and treatment of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

This program will also enable students to meet the course requirements to become a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA), as specified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB®). Information about the BCaBA, and its additional requirements (practical experience component and final examination), can be found on the BACB® website:

Career Potential

Recipients of the certificate who wish to pursue BCaBA certification will be well-positioned to obtain supervised positions in which they can accumulate the required hours of practical experience. Those who choose not to pursue BCaBA certification will nevertheless have acquired knowledge and skills that should be of considerable value in assisting with the implementation of behaviour change procedures in a variety of human service professions, such as social work, nursing, teaching, coaching, and organizational behaviour. Most importantly, the completion of this program will help meet the needs of a growing number of families in Alberta who are lobbying for increased access to ABA and ABA-related services.

Contact Information

Program Requirements

PABA 485Single-Case Research Designs3
PABA 486Behavioural Interventions in Developmental Disabilities3
PABA 487Clinical Behaviour Analysis and Professional Ethics3
Total Credits9

Field experience in applied behavioural analysis is also available as an optional, not for credit course (HTWL 0581 Applied Behavior Analysis Field Experience - 140). For information regarding the application process for the field experience course, please email

Admission Requirements

There is no longer a distinction between internal or external applicants. 

Applicants must have completed:

  • MacEwan University's PSYC 281 with a minimum grade of C
  • MacEwan University's PSYC 385 with a minimum grade of C, or be currently enrolled in it
  • a minimum of 60 university credits in a degree program

The application can be found on the BICA webpage. Successful application will be contingent on grades and statement of intent. Applications for the Fall term are due by July 15, and applications for the Winter term are due by November 15.