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Department of Accounting and Finance

Accounting is the language of business. Accountants provide businesses with the tools to make informed decisions with respect to optimizing resources. The Department Accounting and Finance at MacEwan University strives to offer the highest quality of education for students studying in Alberta. With faculty members from a wide range of backgrounds and experience in the industry, the department offers students the guidance and mentorship required to succeed in the fast-paced work environment and demanding professions in the fields of accountancy and finance.


Khalaf Al-Jarrah, MA (UBFS)
Finance. CPA. CGA.

Sherif Elbarrad, PhD (Ain-Shams)
Accounting. CPA. CMA.

Dorothee Feils, PhD (South Carolina)
Finance, International Business

Stephanie Ibach, DBA (Athabasca)
Accounting. CPA. CGA.

Natalia (Natasha) Khinkanina, PhD (St. Petersburg)
Accounting. CPA.

Joanne Loh, MBA (Leicester)
Finance. CPA. CGA.

Darlene Lowe, MBA (Athabasca)
Accounting. CPA. CMA.

Michelle Malin, MPAcc (Saskatchewan)
Accounting. CPA. CA.

Eloisa Perez, PhD (UAB)
Entrepreneurship. CPA. CMA.

Dal Pirot, MPAcc (Saskatchewan)
Accounting. CPA. CGA.

Humayun Qadri, MBA (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
Accounting. CPA. CGA.

Dominic Roberts, PhD (Essex)
Accounting. CPA.

Raina Rudko, MBA (Southern Queensland), MEd (Alberta)
Educational Psychology and Technology

Frank Saccucci, MBA (Windsor)
Accounting & Marketing

Neetu Sharma, MBA (Alberta)
Accounting. CMA

Greg Springate, MBA (Simon Fraser)
Business Administration. CPA. CA.

Shankar Subramani, MBA (Manchester)
Accounting & Finance. ACMA (UK). CPA. CMA.

René Wells, PhD (Luxembourg)
Finance. CFA.