Academic Calendar

Transfer Students

If a student has attended another post-secondary institution, successfully completed courses may be considered for credit towards a credential at MacEwan University.

Upon application to MacEwan University, students should submit official transcripts as soon as available. It is strongly recommended that students submit transcripts by June 15 for Fall enrolment and by October 15 for Winter enrolment. The official transcripts should include final grades and any credentials awarded.

Transfer agreements for post-secondary institutions in the province of Alberta are available for information and reference at Transfer credit listed on the Alberta Council Admissions and Transfer (ACAT) website will be approved for transfer credit to MacEwan University. Specific credit awards to a program are subject to the requirements and regulations of the admitting program and may vary from the total credit awarded by MacEwan University. Transfer credit is subject to academic residency requirements per C2100 Graduation or program-specific exemptions and Inter-Institutional Transferability (C2030) policies. MacEwan University policies may be viewed at

Transfer credit is awarded to MacEwan University as an institution and not to specific programs. Transfer credit awards, used to fulfill program requirements, are subject to the requirements and regulations of the admitting program and may vary from the total credit awarded by transfer to MacEwan University. Transfer credit is subject to:

  1. Academic residency requirements and program-specific exemptions (policy C2100, Graduation)
  2. Policy C2030, Inter-Institutional Transferability

These policies are available at

If previous courses are not included on the ACAT website or if the student’s course history is with an institution outside Alberta, they may be asked for course outlines. Course outlines are reviewed by MacEwan University evaluators for credit transfer and then considered with respect to the program for which the student has applied for admission. To enable this processing time, students must ensure the official final transcripts have been received by MacEwan University and be prepared to provide course outlines as required.

Transfer credit evaluation is completed after admission to the university program. It is the student’s responsibility to review the transfer credit granted with respect to the program requirements; discrepancies may be brought to the attention of the Transfer Unit in the Office of the University Registrar. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor (in the program of study) to understand how transfer credit is applied to the program.

Domestic and international students who have completed post-secondary/higher education outside of Canada should refer to the subsection, International Transfer Credit Evaluation, included in the “International Student” section of this Academic Calendar.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Transfer credit will be granted for AP courses where an AP grade of 4 or 5 is received. A list of approved courses for transfer credit follows. Other courses may be considered on an individual basis.

AP Course MacEwan Course Code MacEwan Equivalent Credits
Art History APAR 100 ARTE 1XX 3
Biology APBI 100 BIOL 1XX 3
Calculus AB APMA 100 MATH 114 3
Calculus BC APMA 101 MATH 114 3
Chemistry APCH 100 CHEM 101/CHEM 102 6
Chinese Language Culture APML 100 CHIN 102/CHIN 2011 6
Computer Science A APCS 100 Decision Pending 3
Computer Science Principles APCS 102 Decision Pending 3
Comparative Government & Politics APPS 100 POLS 101 3
English Language & Composition APEN 100 ENGL 102 3
English Literature & Composition APEN 101 ENGL 103 3
Environmental Science APES 100 SCIOP 1XX 3
European History APHI 100 HIST 102 3
French Language & Culture APML 101 FREN 211/FREN 2121 6
German Language & Culture APML 102 GERM 211/GERM 2121 6
Japanese Language & Culture APML 103 JAPN 201/JAPN 2021 6
Latin APCL 100 LATN 101/LATN 102 6
Macroeconomics APEC 100 ECON 102 3
Microeconomics APEC 101 ECON 101 3
Music Theory APMU 100 MUSC 1XX 3
Physics 1: Algebra-Based APPH 103 PHYS 124 3
Physics 2: Algebra-Based APPH 104 PHYS 126 3
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism APPH 102 PHYS 2XX 3
Physics C: Mechanics APPH 101 PHYS 1XX 3
Psychology APPY 100 PSYC 104 3
Spanish Language & Culture APML 104 SPAN 211/SPAN 2121 6
Statistics APMA 102 STAT 151 3
Studio Art: 2-D Design APAR 102 ARTE 1112 3
Studio Art: 3-D Design APAR 103 ARTE 1072 3
Studio Art: Drawing APAR 104 ARTE 1102 3
United States Government & Politics APPS 101 POLS 1XX 3
United States History APHI 101 HIST 1XX 3
World History APHI 102 HIST 102 3

International Baccalaureate (IB) Courses

Transfer credit will be granted for IB courses where an IB grade of 5 or higher is received. A list of approved courses for transfer credit follows. Other courses may be considered on an individual basis.

IB Course Level MacEwan Course Code MacEwan Equivalent Credits
Biology HL IBBI 100 BIOL 107 3
Business & Management HL IBBU 100 BUSN 1XX 3
Chemistry HL IBCH 100 CHEM 101 3
Computer Science HL IBCS 100 Decision Pending 6
Computer Science SL IBCS 101 CMPT 101 3
Dance HL IBAR 100 GENOP 1XX 3
Design Technology HL IBAR 107 ARTE 1061 3
Economics HL IBEC 100 ECON 101/ECON 102 6
Economics SL IBEC 101 ECON 101 3
English A: Literature HL IBEN 100 ENGL 102/ENGL 103 6
English A: Language & Literature HL IBEN 102 ENGL 103 3
Environmental Systems & Society SL IBES 101 SCIOP 1XX 3
French A or B HL IBML 107 Decision Pending 6
Further Mathematics HL IBMA 103 MATH 114 3
Geography HL IBES 102 SCIOP 1XX 3
German A or B HL IBML 104 Decision Pending 6
History HL IBHI 100 HIST 1XX 3
Islamic History HL IBHI 102 HIST 2XX 3
Japanese AB SL IBML 108 Decision Pending 6
Japanese B HL IBML 109 Decision Pending 6
Latin HL IBHU 102 Decision Pending 6
Mandarin AB SL IBML 106 CHIN 1XX2 6
Mandarin B HL IBML 105 Decision Pending 6
Mathematics HL IBMA 100 MATH 114 3
Music HL IBMU 100 GENOP 1XX 3
Philosophy HL IBPL 100 PHIL 1XX 3
Physics HL IBPH 100 PHYS 124/PHYS 126 6
Physics SL IBPH 101 PHYS 124 3
Psychology HL IBPY 102 PSYC 104/PSYC 105 6
Psychology SL IBPY 103 PSYC 104 3
Social & Cultural Anthropology HL IBAN 100 ANTH 1XX 3
Spanish A HL IBML 110 Decision Pending 6
Spanish AB SL IBML 111 Decision Pending 6
Sports, Exercise & Health Science SL IBPE 100 HEED 1XX 3
Theory of Knowledge HL IBPL 101 PHIL 102 3

General Certificate of Education (GCE) - Advanced Level

Transfer credit will be granted for the GCE A-Level courses offered by Cambridge University and Edexcel. Courses from additional providers and countries with an education structure based on the British-pattern system will be considered upon request. A list of approved courses for transfer credit follows. For more information contact a program advisor or the Transfer & Articulation Unit.

A-Level Course MacEwan Course Code MacEwan Equivalent Credits
Applied Information & Communication GCEA 9713 MGMT 107 3
Arabic GCEA 9680 ARTOP 1XX 6
Biology GCEA 9700 BIOL 107/BIOL 108 6
Biology (Edexcel) GCEA 9BI0 BIOL 107 3
Business GCEA 9609 BUSN 1XX 3
Business Studies (Edexcel) GCEA 9BS01 BUSN 1XX 3
Chemistry GCEA 9701 CHEM 101/CHEM 261 6
Chemistry (Edexcel) GCEA 9CH0 CHEM 101 3
Chinese GCEA 9715 CHIN 1XX 6
Chinese (Edexcel) GCEA 9CN0 CHIN 1XX 3
Classical Studies GCEA 9274 CLAS 101/CLAS 102 6
Computer Science GCEA 9608 CMPT 103/CMPT 200 6
Economics GCEA 9708 ECON 101/ECON 102 6
Economics A and B (Edexcel) GCEA 9EC0/9EB0 ECON 101/ECON 102 6
Economics A GCEA 9EC0 ECON 101 3
Food Studies GCEA 9336 BIOL 102 3
French GCEA 9716 FREN 1XX 6
French (Edexcel) GCEA 9FR0 FREN 1XX 3
German GCEA 9717 GERM 1XX 6
German (Edexcel) GCEA 9GN0 GERM 1XX 3
Greek (Edexcel) GCEA 9GK0 GREK 1XX 3
Hinduism GCEA 9014 ARTOP 1XX 3
History GCEA 9389 HIST 1XX 6
History (Edexcel) GCEA 9HI0 HIST 1XX 3
Islamic Studies GCEA 9013 ARTOP 1XX 3
Japanese (Edexcel) GCEA 9JA0 JAPN 1XX 3
Physics GCEA 9702 PHYS 124/PHYS 126 6
Physics (Edexcel) GCEA 9PH0 PHYS 124 3
Psychology GCEA 9990 PSYC 104/PSYC 105 6
Psychology (Edexcel) GCEA 9PS0 PSYC 104 3
Sociology GCEA 9699 SOCI 100 3
Spanish GCEA 9719 SPAN 1XX 6
Spanish (Edexcel) GCEA 9SP0 SPAN 1XX 3
Statistics (Edexcel) GCEA 9ST0 STAT 151/STAT 252 6

Visiting Students

Outbound (MacEwan University Students Studying at Another Post-secondary Institution)

Students enrolled in a program at MacEwan University who wish to take a course(s) offered by another post-secondary institution must obtain approval from their program. The approval process is subject to their Faculty/School regulations and, if granted, students are issued a Letter of Permission (LOP) by the Office of the University Registrar.

Letter of Permission – Authorizes students to take courses at another post-secondary institution as a visiting student. The letter includes the name of the ‘host’ institution, their current academic standing, and indicates the MacEwan University courses for which credit will be granted upon successful completion.

Students who wish to participate in a Study Abroad opportunity should contact MacEwan International regarding the process.

Inbound (Other Post-secondary Students Studying at MacEwan University)

Students enrolled at another post-secondary institution who wish to study at MacEwan University should complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to MacEwan University as an Open Studies student
  2. Submit a Letter of Permission from the home institution authorizing the student to attend MacEwan University to the Office of the University Registrar. The LOP must include the specific courses the student has been granted permission to register in and the student’s current academic standing.
  3. Only students deemed to be in good academic standing are eligible to enrol.