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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor prepares students to be active contributors to the economy through improved and new processes, products, and services that result in greater productivity, more jobs, expanded markets, and larger national income and tax base.  Students develop the mindset required to think and act effectively in environments where there is uncertainty and ambiguity, and learn skills necessary to identify consumer and stakeholder needs, diagnose business issues, plan and manage projects, and implement organizational change. The curriculum is flexible, allowing students to explore additional interests for investment plans and enterprise valuation, international entrepreneurship, and e-business.

Minor Requirement: Complete 15 credits (five courses) from this list:

ORGA 312Entrepreneurship3
ORGA 410Business Consulting3
ORGA 412Business Innovation and Intrapreneurship3
Choose six credits (two courses) from this list:
Project Management
International Entrepreneurship
Valuation and Investment Decision
Marketing Research & Analytics
Introduction to e-Business