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Anthropology Minor

For Bachelor of Commerce

What makes us human? Whether it’s our past, present, or future, anthropology asks essential questions about human variation, adaptation, and cultural diversity. Learn to recognize and respect human diversity and use your understanding of cultural differences in a globalizing world by exploring topics such as social inequality, material culture, human evolution, language, Indigenous content, and the application of anthropological skills to contemporary human challenges. Gain hands-on experience, conduct research projects, and go into the field. Anthropologists work in a wide variety of careers, including professional archaeology, forensic science, market research, medicine, government, intercultural education, and climate change responses. 

Students must complete 100-level ANTH prerequisites.

Minor Requirements
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Ethnography of Mediterranean Peoples
Circumpolar Peoples
Introduction to Indigenous Peoples in Canada
Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica
Peoples and Cultures of South America
Select 6 credits of 300 or 400-level ANTH6
Total Credits15