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Spanish Minor

For Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Learning Spanish can help you stand out at home as well as abroad. Students who study another language simultaneously expand their English vocabulary, grammar and style. They become better communicators which translates to higher salaries. According to a recent study by Canadian economists, bilingual employees earn more than their unilingual counterparts even if they aren't using their language skills on the job. Of course, it is not all about work and money.

Learning Spanish will also open doors to a rich world of culture. Imagine having access to the original works of Cervantes, Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luís Borges and Pablo Neruda. Imagine enjoying the art of Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, or Diego Rivera, and having an understanding of the cultural setting in which it was created. Picture yourself traveling in Latin America or Spain and actually being able to communicate with the locals. Whatever your reasons, learning Spanish will expand your horizons.

The Spanish Minor requires 18 senior-level credits with a minimum of six SPAN credits at the 300-level.

Students must register in a level that is appropriate to their ability. Please refer to the Spanish Placement information on the Humanities Department website.

Minor Requirements
Choose 18 credits from senior-level SPAN18
Total Credits18