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Environmental Sciences Minor

For Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

The Environmental Sciences Minor is an interdisciplinary minor that integrates the subjects of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Earth and Planetary Sciences. The minor requires courses in the foundations of environmental sciences, the principles of ecology, and geographic information systems (GIS). Students also choose from a selection of courses that cover topics in environmental science like aquatic ecosystems, ecology, environmental chemistry, and geosciences 

The Environmental Sciences Minor requires 18 credits (six courses) with a minimum of six credits (two courses) at the 300- or 400-level. Students are limited to a maximum of three courses from within one discipline to fulfill minor requirements. The requirement to take courses from different disciplines helps ensure the program’s interdisciplinary nature.

BIOL 208Principles of Ecology3
EASC 221Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
ENVS 300Principles of Environmental Science3
Choose 9 credits (3 courses) from the following with no more than 6 credits (2 courses) in any one discipline (BIOL, CHEM, EASC, or ENVS)9
Freshwater Ecology
Terrestrial Ecology
Population Ecology
Community Ecology
Marine Biology
Tropical Rainforest Ecology
Conservation Biology
Techniques in Field Ecology
Invasion Ecology and Management
Methods in Experimental Ecology
Advanced Conservation Biology
Contemporary Issues in Freshwater Ecology
Introduction to Geochemistry 1
Introduction to Biogeochemistry 2
Environmental Chemistry
Advanced Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Sustainable and Green Chemistry
Introduction to Geomorphology
Introduction to Soil Science
Geology of Natural Resources
The Oceans
Introduction to Geochemistry 1
Introduction to Biogeochemistry 2
Remote Sensing
Anthropogenic Climate Change
Independent Study
Environmental Sciences Work Integrated Learning
Special Topics in Environmental Sciences
Advanced Independent Study
Total Credits18

Credit can only be obtained in one of CHEM 320 or EASC 320


Credit can only be obtained in one of CHEM 322 or EASC 322.