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Classics Minor

For Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

Art, culture, history, literature, religion – the ancient Greek and Roman cultures still influence many aspects of modern life, and studying Classics helps to discover and explore those connections. As students learn about some of history’s greatest poets, philosophers, and historians, they develop skills in critical thought, oral and written expression, and argumentation and have the opportunity to read some of their works in the original Greek and Latin languages.

Their ideas, texts, and principles may be thousands of years old, but the Greeks and Romans provided us with a foundation for many current fields of endeavour, including business, history, philosophy, social sciences, law, medicine, and the Romance languages.

The Classics Minor requires 18 senior-level credits with a minimum of six credits at the 300- or 400-level in CLAS, LATN, or GREK (CLAS 355 does not satisfy this requirement).

Specific Minor Requirements
CLAS 270Greek Civilization3
CLAS 271Roman Civilization3
General Minor Requirements
Choose 12 credits from senior-level CLAS, LATN, or GREK 112
Total Credits18

Students may use PHIL 230, with permission, to fulfil this requirement.