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Arts and Cultural Management

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

The Arts and Cultural Management (AACM) minor offers students the opportunity to develop an awareness of the depth and breadth of the cultural sector and to begin to develop some of the managerial competencies necessary should they wish to pursue employment, volunteer or governance related opportunities in the field. The business and entrepreneurial skills learned in the Arts and Cultural Management courses are essential for anyone interested in the arts, heritage or creative industries. To meet the requirements for the minor, students will complete a foundational course (AGAD 100), which will be used to fulfill the Fine Arts Breadth Requirement of the BA, and then choose 18 senior-level credits from among ten existing courses including subjects such as publicity, leadership, project management, cultural policy, museum/gallery management and independent study/study tours.

Total credits required for minor: 18 senior-level credits

Junior-level AGAD 100 is required and can be used to fulfill the Fine Arts breadth requirement of the Bachelor of Arts and a junior-level option for the Bachelor of Science. AGAD 100 will count as an out-of-faculty option for those who have not declared Arts and Cultural Management as a minor, or as an Arts and Science option if they declare the minor.

Specific Minor RequirementsCredits
AGAD 203Introduction to Project Management in Arts and Culture3
AGAD 209Publicity and Media Relations in the Arts3
AGAD 301Cultural Policy and Advocacy3
AGAD 320Leadership Seminar3
Choose 6 credits from senior-level AGAD6
Total Credits18