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Students and Teaching

The Office of the Associate Vice-President, Students and Teaching,  provides integrated leadership for several areas, including Student Success Services, Services to Students with Disabilities, Wellness and Psychological Services, Exam Services, Student Leadership Development and Community Engagement, the Office of Academic Integrity, Athletics, Career Development and Experiential Learning, eLearning and Teaching and Learning Services. The Office of the Associate Vice-President is committed to supporting MacEwan University's strategic priorities around providing a student-centered learning environment supported by excellence in undergraduate teaching.

Student Affairs; Needs, Health, and Wellness

We deliver on our promise with a focus on strengthening student self-awareness, mindfulness, decision-making and personal resiliency; and all our other excellent services encourage students to explore who they are and who they want to be. We provide opportunities for students to connect with like-minded seekers. Student Affairs understands that defining oneself happens throughout a student’s journey at MacEwan. We believe leadership development begins Day One, so we invite all new students to our First Year Experience. We offer ongoing, co-curricular record recognition, volunteer and paid service opportunities, plus free leadership programming to support their unique MacEwan journeys. Our services empower students to better understand their academic strengths and preferences, their unique levels of abilities,  their place on the mental health continuum, and their current personal wellness and its potential. We believe student engagement and success are most easily secured when learners enjoy mental health and wellness in all its aspects. Understanding one’s personal strengths and how to self-regulate or secure professional help in periods of stress or challenge are essential parts of a university and adult-life success toolkit.

For more information about how Student Affairs can inspire and work for you, see: or MacEwanLife

Wellness and Psychological Services

Our multidisciplinary team in Wellness and Psychological Services offers free, one-to-one support and assistance to any student currently enrolled in one or more credit courses. Students come to Wellness and Psychological Services with a wide range of personal, educational and career concerns that are affecting their personal health and wellness. Those who are new to our service (and those who have not used these services within the past six months) initiate services through an Initial Consultation (IC), a one-to-one 25-30 minute conversation with a professional that focuses on the reasons for seeking help. This consultation determines if our services are a good match for the student's needs, provides immediate support, and identifies possible next steps such as follow-up appointments with a counsellor and /or a referral to other resources on campus or in the community. Members of our team are also available to serve as consultants and resources for faculty, staff and administrators for concerns related to student psychological health and well-being. or MacEwanLife

Services to Students with Disabilities

The Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) provides support and advice to the MacEwan community on issues related to accessibility and universal design. Student register with SSD if they experience any barriers at the university that may be related to a short-term or long-term disability or medical condition. Our goal is to facilitate the full participation of students with disabilities by sharing information and resources, providing a broad range of services including access to technology, and recommending academic accommodations for students.

Student of Concern

Student of Concern is a multidisciplinary, behavioural intervention team at MacEwan University coordinated by Student Affairs. It is made up of professionals from Student Affairs, Security, Wellness and Psychological Services, Office of the University Registrar and others as appropriate. The purpose of the team is to proactively identify, assess and offer appropriate support to students who may be at risk or pose a risk to others. The team's work supports the university's values of around providing a student-centered environment, Quality Education and Personal Learning Experiences because it mitigates risks; helps students make informed and positive decisions; accommodate ongoing or emerging student physical or mental needs; and offer routes to protection for students under threat of harm by others. Student of Concern wants students to be safe and healthy, stay on track to achieve their academic goals, and engage fully and positively in campus life. The team responds to student needs with respect and caring to protect privacy, minimize risk, and prevent further disruption of the university experience for all members of the community.

Contact Student of Concern if you have serious concerns about your own or another's mental or physical safety and well-being. Often behaviours that trigger a referral are of a growing urgency or have recently escalated. Examples may include suicidal communication (writing, talk, social media); suicide attempts; talking about serious abuse/threats done/ made or happening to them; cutting or other self-harm; not eating; uttering threats or planning to hurt others; saying goodbye to friends and family often including giving away items of value like keepsakes or mobile devices; hearing voices or loss of contact with reality; paranoia or thinking others are out to get them or are watching them; isolating behaviour (missing work placement commitments, classes or postings, club/recreational/social events); talking about worthlessness or profound fear of failure; or deepening depression.

To access, call 780-497-5555; for information, visit


Student Conduct, Community Standards and Values

MacEwan University believes every student has a voice to share ideas that enrich our learning community. With that right comes the responsibility to engage in respectful, considerate dialogue in which ideas and not individuals are challenged. Through the adoption and promotion of Restorative Practices, this unit provides and facilitates opportunities for MacEwan students to explore the values associated with engaged citizenship and ethical conduct, and also provides support to the Office of Conduct, Community Standards and Values, Academic Integrity.

Academic Integrity

MacEwan University is a community of scholarship and service dedicated to the pursuit of truth and knowledge through teaching, research, and study. Academic Integrity is at the core of this enterprise and aligns with the University’s commitment to academic excellence and quality education. The Academic Integrity Office supports the University’s commitment to promoting and upholding an environment of Academic Integrity through education, compliance with standards, and prevention of violation of those standards. The Academic Integrity Office is also a resource for students and faculty for questions related to issues such as avoiding plagiarism and improper collaboration, or those related to what steps to take when incidents occur.

New Students

Student Success Services and the Writing Centre

Student Success Services is committed to helping students make the transition into university and develop the academic skills needed to be successful from first year to graduation. Students can access online resources to help them improve their study skills, time management strategies, exam preparation, note taking, reading, and writing skills, or they can drop in to the Writing Centre to get individual help from a peer tutor. Tutors can provide students with feedback on writing projects and recommend further resources and strategies to help students edit their work and improve their writing, or they can share tips and strategies for studying and time management. Throughout the term, workshops on a variety of topics related to writing, studying, and citing sources are offered as well. Students are welcome to drop by for a quick question, use a Centre computer or simply spend time between classes in our relaxed reading, planning and writing zone. or MacEwanLife

University 101/102

University 101/102 is a program designed to be taken alongside your academic courses to help you explore how you learn best; how to plan your semester and make the most of your study time; how to improve your reading, studying, and researching skills; and how to engage in effective career planning, goal management, and self-care. The program is delivered partly online and partly in person, with support from the program instructor and fellow students along the way. Students will walk away with an academic advantage and the skills to help them be successful in class and beyond.

New Student Orientation

This is the start of your transition to MacEwan University! New Student Orientation (NSO) is an engaging event where new students can get a guided tour of their campus, receive important information needed for a transition to a post-secondary environment, and socialize with peers to make new friends. As the first step in acquainting students with university life and helping them to anticipate some of the new processes, challenges, and opportunities they're going to encounter, New Student Orientation is instrumental in helping them develop their academic identities and set the tone for a new educational phase. New Student Orientation also provides returning MacEwan students with an important volunteer opportunity that allows them to take a leadership role in assisting and setting a positive example for incoming students. Student Leadership Development and Community Engagement is responsible for planning the main MacEwan New Student Orientation that is open to all new students at City Centre Campus and Alberta College Campus. The Student Leadership Office, also coordinates orientation specifically for new student-athletes, and supports a Parent Welcome event.

First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience is a series of social events and learning opportunities that to support first-year students' transition to the university throughout the year. Activities change each year, but previous years' events have included paint nights, scavenger hunts, and workshops on writing skills or study strategies. First-Year Experience events are advertised through various MacEwan social media and digital advertising channels. There is also a Facebook group for First-Year students where they can connect with other first-year students and stay up-to-date on events and announcements.

Find out more at or join the First Year Experience Facebook group.

Career Development and Experiential Learning

Whether you're a first-year student with limited professional experience or a mature student looking to make an important career transition, we are here to help. We support informed career planning and decision making; identifying individual strengths, values and interests. This may include planning for future employment or for further education such as graduate studies. We provide information and support for developing skills to find employment, to write a resume and cover letter, to prepare for an interview or write a LinkedIn profile. Also, students may drop into the Career Development and Experiential Learning Centre to get information about placements or practicums (Experiential Learning). or MacEwanLIfe


MacEwan University Ambassadors

The friendly faces you see giving campus tours are our MacEwan University Ambassadors. If you like to be involved, help in your community and develop your leadership skills, consider becoming one. The MacEwan Ambassador Program allows students to take on a special leadership role and gives you the opportunity to serve the University and Edmonton community through volunteer service. This program promotes the profile of MacEwan University by displaying a high standard of professional and personal excellence and promoting the image of MacEwan University to prospective and new students, their families and the community at large. This is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills that will serve MacEwan University students into the future. or MacEwanLife

Student Leadership Development Programs

These specialized leadership development programs that offer service-learning opportunities on and off campus, as well as developmental activities that enrich and inspire members to contribute and engage with increased assurance and pride.

Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) share that information acknowledges your extracurricular activities so that you can, when you finish your studies, bring it to a job interview or attach it to an application. It will boost your resumé and CV and let potential employers know more about you. Learn more about this university-recognized, accredited document in the CCR portal of MacEwanLife and the Co-Curricular Record web page at or MacEwanLife

Golden Key International Honour Society

Golden Key International Honour Society exists to unlock the potential of our members. We offer a sense of fellowship within the Society's three pillars – Academics, Leadership and Service. We are dedicated to achievement – personally, professionally and altruistically. Membership begins with recognition of academic excellence and can lead to a lifetime of learning and achievement.

The MacEwan University Golden Key chapter began in 2010 and is the 393rd Golden Key chapter worldwide and the 19th in Canada.

Members focus on community service, networking events, and making connections with the local community and the entire University student body. We welcome prospective members who are in the top 15% of their class and interested in service and leadership development. Look for your invite to join!

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning provides guidance on workplace integrated activities such as field placements, practical and preceptorships. The Work Integrated Larning Office provides information related to worker compensation coverage available for students on placements within or outside of Alberta. For information about WIL services visit or MacEwanLife

Office of the Graduate Liaison

Explore study options after graduation. The Graduate School Liaison Office will help you find the best global options available for graduate school or professional studies and can provide advice and resources to help with your application. The Graduate School Fair held at MacEwan gives you an opportunity to meet representatives from national and international schools. or MacEwanLife