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kihêw waciston, Indigenous Centre

As MacEwan University's Indigenous Centre, we offer personal, academic, financial and cultural support. While many of our services are directed at Indigenous students, kihêw waciston's doors are open to everyone in the MacEwan community.

kihêw waciston, which means "eagle's nest" in nêhiyawewin (Cree) is a home away from home for MacEwan University's Indigenous students. Here you can gather, work and grow in a community that honours the distinctive knowledge of Indigenous peoples and supports you on your post-secondary journey. Located on the main floor of Building 9 (9-115), kihêw waciston is a friendly, welcoming place with quiet study space, student computers and kitchen facilities. Students are encouraged to spend time in the Centre to connect with one another, access resources and student supports.

kihêw waciston's student advisors are available to answer your questions and help you meet the challenges of university life. We offer encouragement, provide cultural and academic support and direct you to useful resources that will help you along your educational path. Student advisors can talk to you about the admissions process, scheduling, enrolling in classes and managing your workload. We also answer questions about bursaries, scholarships and funding applications. Let us know about your academic concerns, too. We can help you with writing and study skills, accessing tutors and time management – or point you in the right direction to someone who can.

We support future students in achieving their education goals from application to graduation and provide connections to community resources. We are available to visit communities and high schools to share what MacEwan University and kihêw waciston has to offer through participation in career/resource fairs and school and community presentations.

kihêw waciston facilitates recognition and understanding of Indigenous knowledge, culture and history in the greater campus community. It advocates for increased supports for Indigenous initiatives across MacEwan's campuses and more engaged relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations. The Indigenous Centre offers cultural support with our full-time Knowledge Keeper for one on one sessions and group discussions/teachings. The Knowledge Keeper is also available and provides support to our staff and faculty in the classroom.

pimâcihisowin Foundation Program

The pimâcihisowin Foundation Program (PFP) is a study program designed to provide students with the skills needed to be successful in a post-secondary diploma or degree.

pimâcihisowin, which means "to create a life of independence" in Cree, is designed to address the gap between your high school credential and the requirements you need to be admitted into a post-secondary diploma or degree program. Geared primarily towards Indigenous students, pimâcihisowin includes cultural support, mentorship and ceremonial events that help you achieve your post-secondary goals.

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