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Open Studies


Take a university course for personal interest. Explore your options before choosing the post-secondary program that is right for you. Get a head start on your university path. Open Studies at MacEwan University offers the flexibility you need.  

Open Studies offers university-level credit courses to learners who are not following a specific certificate, diploma or degree program, or visiting students from another post-secondary institution.

Enrolment limits 

Enrolment limits apply. Students may enrol in a maximum of 6 credits per term, and complete a maximum of 24 credits overallExemptions may be considered for exceptional circumstances, such as for visiting students. If you are seeking an exemption to the enrolment limits contact the Office of the University Registrar.

Moving toward a post-secondary credential

If you are planning to pursue a MacEwan University certificate, diploma or degree program after your Open Studies experience, it is important to apply and meet admission requirements as soon as possible. Familiarize yourself with the admission requirements for your program of interest, especially those related to post-secondary credits. For students with 9 or more post-secondary credits, most programs have a required minimum admission grade point average (AGPA) of 2.0. More details on AGPAs is available on


To be considered for Open Studies:   

  • You must demonstrate English Language Proficiency (ELP) at the level required for degrees.
  • You must meet all prerequisites and co-requisites for individual courses.

Other eligibility considerations:

  • If you have been required to withdraw (or equivalent) from a program or institution, you are not eligible to attend classes for 12 months after the date of withdrawal. You can apply during this 12-month period for an intake term that starts after the 12 months have elapsed.  
  • Transfer credit for students in Open Studies will be assessed only on request and only to establish prerequisites. Official transcripts are required to complete transfer credit evaluation. Detailed information on transfer credit and submission of transcripts is available at

Admission and Enrolment Process

Search for classes

Before you apply, search for class availability on Many classes are reserved for program students and may not be available to Open Studies. 

Search for Open Studies courses according to the post-secondary program you plan to pursue. Review the Program of Study/Course List for your desired program to determine course suitability.


Once you confirm your eligibility and class availability, apply to Open Studies through ApplyAlberta and pay the nonrefundable application fee. You will be notified once you become an Open Studies student. 


You will be able to enrol in available courses via myStudentSystem once Open Enrolment is available. Enrolment dates are posted on

Returning students 

If you have enrolled in Open Studies within the last year, your file is still active and you do not need to reapply; you are eligible to enrol in available courses via myStudentSystem. If you have not enrolled in any classes within the last year, you will need to reapply to Open Studies via ApplyAlberta and pay the nonrefundable application fee. Note: if you have already completed the maximum of 24 credits, you will not be eligible to return to Open Studies. 

Visiting students

If you are a program student at another post-secondary institution you may be eligible to take MacEwan University courses. Follow these steps:

  • Search for class availability. If the course you are looking for is not available to Open Studies students, contact the applicable program. Permission is required and will be subject to seat availability. High demand courses may not be available during the Fall and Winter terms. Check the list of high demand courses at 
  • Request a letter of permission from your home institution indicating the courses you have permission to take and that you are a student in good academic standing.
  • Apply to Open Studies through ApplyAlberta and pay the nonrefundable application fee.
  • Submit your letter of permission, along with your contact information, to the Office of the University Registrar at MacEwan University.

International students

  • International students in Open Studies are not eligible to work off campus.
  • Letters of Admission are not issued for Open Studies, which will impact study permit eligibility. 
  • International students considering Open Studies are encouraged to see an advisor at MacEwan International


Students interested in Open Studies who need information, including course selection, enrolment limits, and future post-secondary planning, can contact the Office of the University Registrar