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Application Fees

An application fee of $110 per application is required. For most of our programs you will be able to select a second choice program within the same application.

The fee must be paid at the time your application is submitted. Application fees are non-refundable and cannot be applied toward tuition.

Admission Confirmation Deposit

To guarantee your position in the program, you must accept your offer of admission and pay the Admission Confirmation Deposit within 45 days of your date of acceptance.

All cheques, money orders, and drafts MUST have all of the following imprints by the bank:

  • bank transit/swift number
  • bank account number
  • branch number
  • cheque, money order or draft number

For Canadian applicants, the most convenient method to pay your program deposit is online.

Admissions Related Fees and Deposits

Fee Description All Admission Intakes in the 2019-2020 Academic Year
Application for Admissions Fee $110
Admissions Confirmation Deposit (applied towards tuition) $4001
Admission Confirmation Deposit for an International Applicant Residing Outside of Canada at Time of Application (applied towards tuition) $10,000
Admission Confirmation Deposit for an International Applicant Residing Inside of Canada at Time of Application (applied towards tuition) $1,000
Outbound Exchange Student Application Fee $100

International applicants will receive a 100 per cent refund of their Admission Confirmation Deposit if the Study Permit is denied and a copy of the denial letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is received by the Office of the University Registrar. International applicants who decide not to attend MacEwan University may be eligible for a refund of up to 50 per cent of the Admission Confirmation Deposit.

Tuition and Service Fees

As a post secondary student you are expected to make a direct financial contribution to the operating costs of your educational activity. Tuition fees, which are fees for instruction, are established and reviewed on an annual basis through the university’s approval process in accordance with the provincial tuition fee legislation. Service fees are developed and approved through the university’s fee approval process and are reviewed on an annual basis. Service fees are defined as fees for specified products or services and are either mandatory or optional. All fees for service must be paid at the time they are assessed. Fees related to undergraduate course registration(s) must be paid prior to the published deadline in the annual academic schedule produced by the Office of the University Registrar.

Canadian/Permanent Resident Per Credit Tuition Rates by Program1

Program Canadian2
Accounting and Strategic Measurement $134
Acupuncture $305
Arts and Cultural Management $154
Asia Pacific Management $154
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration - Accounting $134
Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration $180
Bachelor of Arts $154
Bachelor of Child and Youth Care $154
Bachelor of Commerce $154
Bachelor of Communication Studies $209
Bachelor of Design $209
Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music $180
Bachelor of Physical Education Transfer - UT $134
Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing $180
Bachelor of Science $180
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Transfer - UT $134
Bachelor of Science in Nursing $180
Bachelor of Social Work $180
Business Management $134
Cardiac Nursing Post-basic Certificate $222
Correctional Services $134
Design Studies $134
Disability Management in the Workplace $134
Disability Studies: Leadership and Community $134
Early Learning and Child Care $134
Emergency Communications and Response $134
English as an Additional Language3 $209
Fine Art $134
General Studies $154
Hearing Aid Practitioner $154
Human Resources Management $180
Legal Assistant $134
Library and Information Technology $209
Massage Therapy $154
Music (Diploma) $180
Occupational Health Nursing $180
Office Assistant $134
Open Studies $222
Paralegal Studies $134
Perioperative Nursing for Registered Nurses $222
Police and Investigations $134
Post-basic Nursing Practice $222
University Preparation3 $154
Psychiatric Nursing (Diploma) $180
Public Relations $134
Social Work (Diploma) $134
Special Needs Educational Assistant $134
Theatre Arts $134
Theatre Production $134
Therapist Assistant $134
Travel $134
Wound Management Post-basic Certificate $222

International Tuition Fees

Post Secondary Programs (Fall and Winter Terms) & Preparatory Programs (All Terms)

Credits Tuition Per Credit Total Tuition
1 N/A $5,886
2 N/A $5,886
3 N/A $5,886
4 N/A $5,886
5 N/A $5,886
6 N/A $5,886
7 N/A $5,886
8 N/A $5,886
9 N/A $5,886
10 $654 $6,540
11 $654 $7,194
12 $654 $7,848
13 $654 $8,502
14 $654 $9,156
15 $654 $9,810
16 $654 $10,464
17 $654 $11,118
18 $654 $11,772

Post Secondary Programs (Spring / Summer Term Only)

Credits Tuition Per Credit Total Tuition
1 $654 $654
2 $654 $1,308
3 $654 $1,962
4 $654 $2,616
5 $654 $3,270
6 $654 $3,924
7 $654 $4,518
8 $654 $5,232
9 $654 $5,886
10 $654 $6,540
11 $654 $7,194
12 $654 $7,848
13 $654 $8,502
14 $654 $9,156
15 $654 $9,810
16 $654 $10,464
17 $654 $11,118
18 $654 $11,772

Mandatory Term Fees

University Mandatory Term Fees Fall or Winter Terms Spring/Summer Term
Information Technology Fee $34.50 (per term) $34.50 (per term)
Medical Clinic1 $10 (at 6+ credits) $10 (at 6+ credits)
Registrarial Service Fee $13 (full-time, 9 credits +) $13 (full-time, 9 credits +)
$6.50 (part-time, 1-8 credits) $6.50 (part-time, 1-8 credits)
Sport & Wellness Fee1 $84 (at 6+ credits) $84 (at 6+ credits)

Information Technology Fee

This fee was established to fund technology projects that specifically result in providing new or improved technology services that benefit students.

Medical Clinic

These fees support Health Services for all students. If you are in need of medical support, please drop in or make an appointment MacEwan Health Service’s easily accessible medical clinic located on the City Centre Campus. For a list of services visit

Registrarial Service Fee

This fee covers a variety of services offered by the Office of the University Registrar, including but not limited to: your Application to Graduate, Parchment Replacement, Confirmation Letters and cost of Undergraduate Transcripts.

Sport and Wellness Fee

MacEwan University supports the value of developing the whole person by providing students with opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, personally and physically. The Sport and Wellness fee provides students a membership to Sport and Wellness, funding for Recreation programming and Griffins Athletics.

Students' Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) Charged Term Fees

Students'Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) Mandatory Term Fees Fall or Winter Terms Spring/Summer Term
SAMU General Membership Fee $11.75 (per credit, maximum 176.25 per term) $11.75 (per credit, maximum 176.25 per term)
Special SAMU Membership Fee2 $4.66 (per credit, maximum of $69.00 per term) $4.66 (per credit, maximum of $69.00 per term)
SAMU Building Levy1 $35 (per term) charged at 1 credit $35 (per term) charged at 1 credit
U-Pass Fee1 $175 (per term) charged at 1 credit $175 (per term) charged at 1 credit
Health Care Benefit Fee $76.75 (per term) charged at 1 credit -
Dental Benefit Fee $62.45 (per term) charged at 1 credit -
Global Education Fee1 $3.50 (per term, billed at 9+ credits) -

SAMU General Membership Fee

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) is the student government body that represents and serves MacEwan University students. SAMU is a statutory corporation established under section 93 of the Post secondary Learning Act that operates offices on all MacEwan University campuses.


The Students’ Association of MacEwan University exists to:

  • act as the sole representative body for all MacEwan University students
  • oversee all student-operated facilities on campus
  • provide a wide variety of excellent student services
  • enhance students’ overall university experience
  • provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for students
  • coordinate special events and activities
  • provide leadership development designed to complement students’ academic pursuits
  • act as the official medium of communication between the students and the university’s Board of Governors and Academic Governance Council
  • develop and manage student clubs and organizations
  • liaise between the students, the university, and various levels of government
  • help interpret university policies with and for students
  • promote the general welfare of students consistent with the purposes of the university
  • administer student funds and affairs
  • provide a social centre

The SAMU general membership fee is fee is $11.75 per credit to a maximum of fifteen credits during the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer terms.

Global Education Fee

This fee provides funds to overseas educational projects for underprivileged schools and students ($1); and sponsors refugee students’ attendance at MacEwan University ($2.50).

Supplemental Health Care and Dental Fee

A mandatory Supplemental Health Care and Dental Care fee is charged to all full time students as part of the enrolment process. Student eligibility for health and dental plans is determined and assessed in the Fall term for coverage until December 31 and again in the Winter term for coverage until August 31. Any student with proof of alternate coverage for supplemental health care and/or dental care may opt out of these plans prior to the advertised deadline date by contacting the plan administrator. The health plan is above and beyond your provincial insurance plan, and the dental plan has a list of specified dentists. For more information about your eligibility, policy content, family add-on, opt out, and current network dental list visit

U-Pass Fee

The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) is a mandatory fee-based service that is charged to all students who are registered for 1 (one) credit or more in a single term. The U-Pass gives all MacEwan University students unlimited use of regular ETS, St. Albert and Strathcona bus and LRT service from September to August. At MacEwan University, SAMU administers the U-Pass and will attach a U-Pass sticker on the MacEwan University Student ID card from late August to early September for the Fall term, from December to early January for the Winter term and from the end of April to early May for the Spring/Summer term. For more information, visit

Other Fees 

Fee Description Amount
Challenge Exam/Prior Learning Assessment $40
Course Audit (for students choosing to audit a course versus completing a course for credit) 50% of course tuition
Deferred Examination $50 for single exam; $100 for 2+ exams
Extension to Incomplete Grade $50
Field Placement/Practicum Identification Card $10
Locker Fees per term $20
Locker Contents Reclaiming $25
Non-Program International Student Services $50
Photo Identification Card $10
Photo ID Card Replacement $10
Reassessment of Final Exam $20
Returned Cheque (NSF) $40
Tuition Payment Plan $50

Paying Your Fees

The university provides several payment methods for tuition and all other fees. For more information please visit:

The most convenient method is online through myStudentSystem or through Internet or telephone banking. All major banks and credit unions offer Internet and telephone banking. To use these services to pay your tuition and related fees, note the following:

  • Register with your bank to make online bill payments.
  • Select MacEwan University as the payee. If MacEwan University is not listed as a payee, try searching for Grant MacEwan University or Grant MacEwan College. If that is not successful, contact your bank.
  • The account number will be your seven-digit student ID number.
  • For Internet or telephone banking, the payment will be considered received as of the transaction date; however, it might not show up in your balance in myStudentSystem for up to five business days, as it takes time for the payment to be processed.

Sponsored Students

If your fees are being paid by a sponsor, you must obtain a letter from the sponsoring agency. A copy of this letter must be received in Financial Services prior to enrolment or it must be presented on enrolment day. Sponsorship approval may be emailed to or faxed to 780-497-5450. Refunds for sponsored students will be made directly to the sponsoring agency.

Refunds (Excerpt from Policy E2112)

Refunds for tuition and fees will be actioned according to the guidelines as set out in Policy E2112 Refunds of Tuition and Student Fees.

Tax Receipts

T2202A tax receipts will be made available to students online via in February. Tax receipts will not be mailed and will only be accessible via the web.


G.S.T. is applied to material fees. G.S.T. is not applied to tuition fees.