Academic Calendar


All students at the university are required to enrol in courses. Students will not be permitted to attend classes unless officially enrolled.

How to Enrol

  • Using your MacEwan University Network ID, log into
  • Click on the myStudentSystem tab to enrol in your courses and pay your tuition fees

For online instructions on how to use myStudentSystem navigate to our Step-By-Step Guide at

Changes to Course Enrolment

You may make changes to your course selection (add, drop, or swap) up to the last day to add or drop classes as specified in the academic schedule for each term. Course additions and swaps are limited to seat availability. You may withdraw from a course without academic penalty up to the last day to withdraw date as specified in the academic schedule for each term.

  • If you drop a course before the last day to add or drop, no record of that course will appear on your transcript and you may be eligible for a fee adjustment, if applicable.
  • If you withdraw from a course after the last day to add or drop but before the last day to withdraw, the course will appear on your transcript with a “W” grade and you will not be eligible for any fee adjustment. You will be responsible for the full fees and tuition, even after a course withdrawal.

Note: Add or drop changes may alter your current fee assessment. View your balance on myStudentSystem. Refund information can be found under the Refund Policy.

You are responsible to make for any desired changes to your enrolment on myStudentSystem.

Notifying your instructor, ceasing to attend classes, or stopping payment will not be accepted as a course(s) drop or withdrawal.

Note: As all courses may not be offered every term, students should consult the schedule of courses for each term before dropping a course.

Students with Disabilities

Students who may require accommodations due to a disability are advised to discuss their needs with Services to Students with Disabilities ( Students should also advise instructors at the beginning of the course if accommodations are requested.