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Psychology Honours

Total credits required for Honours – 84 credits.

Note: Junior-level courses BIOL 107, BIOL 108, and either STAT 151 or STAT 161 are required for Psychology Science Honours. To enter the Honours program, students require a minimum 3.3 GPA in PSYC courses and completion of a 200-level PSYC, as well as completion or enrolment in PSYC 212.

Course ID Course Name Credits
Specific Honours Requirements
PSYC 104Introductory Psychology I3
PSYC 105Introductory Psychology II3
PSYC 212Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology3
STAT 252Applied Statistics II3
PSYC 301History of Psychology3
PSYC 312Advanced Research Methods3
PSYC 400Psychology Senior Seminar3
PSYC 499AHonours Thesis I3
PSYC 499BHonours Thesis II3
Select 15 credits from the following: 15
Developmental Psychology
Social Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Brain and Behaviour
Principles of Behaviour
General Honours Requirements
Approved Honours Options
Select 21 credits of senior-level PSYC courses chosen in consultation with psychology Honours advisor21
Courses Outside the Discipline
Select 15 credits chosen in consultation with psychology Honours advisor15
Flex Courses
Select 6 credits of PSYC or courses outside of the discipline chosen in consultation with psychology Honours advisor6
Total Credits84