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Physical Sciences Major

Total credits required for major - 60 to 72 credits with a minimum 42 senior-level credits.

Three disciplines – chemistry, Earth and planetary sciences, physics.


  1. Requirement to choose two of the three disciplines as primary disciplines.
  2. If any of chemistry, Earth and planetary sciences or physics disciplines are chosen as a minor, all senior-level credits in that discipline will only count toward the minor.
  3. MATH 114 is a prerequisite for most 200-level PHYS courses. Students are advised to take MATH 114 in the first year of their program.

A minimum of 12 credits at the 300- or 400-level in the primary disciplines.

A minimum of 3 credits at the 300- or 400-level required for each discipline.

Course ID Course Name Credits
Specific Major Requirements
Select 6 credits from each of the following disciplines: 18
Introductory University Chemistry I
Introductory University Chemistry II
Earth and Planetary Science
Introduction to Physical Science
Introduction to Environmental Earth Science
Historical Geology
Physics for Life Sciences I
and Physics for Life Sciences II
and Electromagnetism
General Major Requirements
Three Disciplines - Chemistry (CHEM), Earth and Planetary Sciences (EASC), and Physics (PHYS). PHSC can be used wherever CHEM, EASC, or PHYS is used.
Primary Discipline I
Select 18 to 24 credits chosen from senior-level courses from the first primary discipline18-24
Primary Discipline II
Select 18 to 24 credits chosen from senior- level courses from the second primary discipline18-24
General Requirements
Select 6-12 credits chosen from senior- level courses from the third discipline6-12
Total Credits60-78