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Mathematics Honours

Total credits required for minor – 81 to 84 credits.

A minimum of 12 credits must be completed at the 400-level.

Students are required to declare a minor subject as part of the mathematics Honours requirements.

Course ID Course Name Credits
Specific Honours Requirements
MATH 114Elementary Calculus I3
MATH 115Elementary Calculus II3
MATH 200Fundamental Concepts of Math3
MATH 214Intermediate Calculus I3
MATH 215Intermediate Calculus II3
MATH 225Linear Algebra II3
MATH 228Algebra: Introduction to Ring Theory3
MATH 241Geometry3
MATH 310Real Analysis3
MATH 311Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable3
MATH 321Fields and Modules3
MATH 330Ordinary Differential Equations3
MATH 410Analysis and Topology3
MATH 499Honours Thesis3
Choose 3 credits from the following:3
Basic Linear Algebra I
Linear Algebra I
General Honours Requirements
Honours Requirements
Choose 18 to 21 credits from the following:18-21
Senior-level MATH
Probability Theory
Mathematical Statistics
Finite Markov Chains and Applications
Required Minor18
Minor discipline chosen in consultation with the Mathematics Honours advisor
Total Credits81-84